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Electronic cashier is a high-tech hardware and software solution for business that automates the processes of selling goods and services, completely replacing the work of a cashier 24/7. Self Cash Register payment terminal and its modifications enable customers to independently pay for services and goods. It consists of a PC, a touch screen, various payment devices that can recognize, accept and verify banknotes and coins, can accept payments by credit cards and PayPass, as well as issue change. Also, the terminal a car cashier can read barcodes, take into account discount and bonus cards, work with documents, etc. The functionality of the electronic cashier can be fully configured for a specific task of the customer.

We present to your attention a unique, fully automatic terminal cashier Self Cash Register. This model is designed to accept all types of payments for goods and services, it is equipped with a change delivery function and other very wide functionality for such a compact size!

1. Dispenser for issuing plastic cards with recording function
2. Banknote receiver with change delivery function
3. Certified cryptographic PIN keypad
4. Scanner of documents (passports) with data recognition
5. Barcode and QR code scanner, also works with LCD screens
6. Crossbar locking system housing 7. Multitouch 17-32 touch-screen monitor "secure" 8. Advertising 17-32 "monitor-secure" monitor 9. High Definition Webcam
10. Bank card reader of any type, with crypto protection
11. Contactless card reader and PayPass
12. Thermal receipt printer with fiscal registrar (optional)
13. Receiver of coins of any type or tokens
14. RFID Contactless Card Reader (MiFare, EM-Marine)
15. Coin Dispenser

Where electronic cashiers are used:
medical institutions, dentistry and transport companies, entertainment industry, service stations (car services), tire fitting, car washes, and retail and online stores - beauty salons, barbershop
and others

The peculiarity of this terminal is that you can configure it flexibly for your tasks. This terminal model is presented in several versions of the case and is divided into 5 main models with different configurations.

Applications and the scheme of work of automatic cashiers:

Micro department of financial company (bank)

Cash desk of the enterprise, individual entrepreneur


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