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The company Self-Service Solutions dates back to 2006.

Initially, it was a division of the IT company that existed since 2000, which has been and continues to operate successfully in the market.

Based on many years of experience:

  • a team of professional employees was formed;
  • a clear structure of the subdivision was built;
  • already existing and well-functioning financial and production resources are involved;
  • solved the issue of logistics.

All this from the first days of existence, it allowed the division to take a strong and competitive position in the Ukrainian market.

A year later, in 2007, this direction was taken out into a separate enterprise and received a legal status, now known as: Limited Liability Company “Touch Kiosks”.

The main goal of the establishment of this company was to provide a higher quality level of service and services for Ukrainian customers by combining the accumulated experience of companies. At the same time, it was decided to maximize the range of products offered, as well as to develop their own software. To solve the task, our own full-cycle manufacturing base was organized, a group of experienced, high-quality engineers and programmers was connected. All this allowed even at the initial stage to carry out specialized projects of a large level of complexity.

At the moment, our company is constantly conducting market research, on
subject to the expansion of the spectrum for the use of our products, as well as
conducts the development of new and improvement of existing products.

After 10 years of successful operations in the national and international markets, the company has accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of terminals and solutions for self-service (Self-Service). Therefore, it was decided to change the name, as the name "Touch Kiosks" ceased to transfer the specialization and capabilities of the enterprise to the end, and also did not correspond to international terminology.

Thus, in the jubilee for the company in 2017, a new trade mark of Self-Service Solutions was born.

At the moment, the main vector of the company's development remains Self-Service (all that is related to self-service):

  • information touch kiosks and equipment;
  • cash processing terminals (payment terminals and electronic cashiers);
  • entertainment complexes and systems;
  • solutions in the fields of Digital-Signage and IoT (interactive advertising and Internet of things).

The company continues to develop, continuing to develop and integrate new types of equipment and self-service solutions into all kinds of human activities.

he company's products are certified by the standards of UkrSepro and European Conformity (CE). In addition, the company and the staff itself were repeatedly presented to various awards for quality and innovation, which is not surprising for one of the market leaders.

Also our enterprise successfully implemented quality systems in production and passed control for compliance with their international and national quality standards: DSTU ISO 9001: 2009 (ISO 9001: 2008, IDT). The result of the tests was the receipt of the CERTIFICATE on the QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM..

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