Photo kiosks, photo booths, automated photography

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The twenty-first century is the age of technology and new opportunities. And these opportunities can and should be used for their own purposes, turning them into business. It is enough to think how to use them, or to get an idea in more developed countries.

Photo kiosks and photobooks have been used successfully in the US and Europe for more than fifty years. They reached us after the collapse of the USSR. Moreover, to say that we are using them everywhere is very difficult. The idea of ​​automated photography attracts both the younger generation and more adults. Therefore, it makes sense to buy mobile photobox and photobooth, using them in different areas of activity.

How and where you can use photoboxes:

In places for recreation and entertainment

Meetings with friends, romantic dates, walks with children... Most of us spend the best moments of their lives in places for recreation and entertainment. Putting a photo kiosk at these points, you will remind people that moments can be stored not only in the phone's memory.

Organization of events

Event organizers often have to puzzle over how to entertain guests, because the modern public is very difficult to surprise. But, we have an idea! Equip the photo zone with the help of handy materials and a photo kiosk. Your guests will receive a lot of positive emotions, a photo for memory, and you will more than once be invited to organize events.

Photostudios and visa / passport centers

In these institutions, photo kits help to optimize the service process. Photographers will be able to do something more interesting than a photo for documents, and the employees of passport offices will not need to constantly explain what photos are needed for documents.

Attractions and water parks

Automatic photo and video at the attractions and water parks - it's very fun! Photographs taken at an unexpected moment always turn out to be very sincere and desirable. The attractiveness of the same business is that a friend does not climb with a smartphone on the hill, which means that your photos will be bought!

Where to buy

All entrepreneurs know that quality products always pay for themselves. We are also familiar with this truth, therefore we manufacture products that meet international quality standards. Our photo kiosks not only pay for themselves, but also bring their owners a good profit.     Self-Service Solution - innovative solutions for any field.