Equipment for car washes

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Self-service machine for the sale of non-freezing liquid for the washer glass, in the people it is a..
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Most popular model. The control panel of a self-service car wash is designed to accept payment from ..
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Control unit for the SELF-WASHING VACUUM, used in automotive car washes (car washes) and self-servic..
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Many drivers prefer to wash their cars on their own, and not all do so in order to save money. Some do not trust the washers and believe that their car will be washed better and more accurately themselves. Such factors have opened a new opportunity for entrepreneurs. So, lately, more and more often self-service car washes appeared, control panels of which, exchange token automatic machines, as well as automatic vacuum cleaners, supplies our company.

Why is it worth investing in self-service equipment

attractiveness is cheap: car owners of such a washing service will cost much less, which means there will be a lot of willing people

income from savings: savings on staff - always the value is reflected in profits

for quality answers: the client himself washes his car, which excludes negative criticism of the personnel

A small tip to the owners:

All equipment must be serviceable and have a neat appearance. It's uncomfortable to use a broken device, and it's disgusting to be dirty. Therefore, monitor the cleanliness of the devices on the posts and place them on them to keep them in good order. Although washing and self-service, but to look after it is necessary!

Where to buy

Looking for a place to buy self-service equipment? Then, you've come to the right place. For more than ten years our company has been developing trading equipment for automation and self-service. During this time we managed to prove ourselves not only on the national, but also on the international market. Choosing us, you choose quality products, certified by international standards. Solutions for self-service are innovative solutions for any sphere.