Cashier terminal at the Central Bus Station in Kiev

We implemented another "inhuman" project, in which the work of a person was replaced by an automated terminal cashier.
In this case, they ensured the sale of passes to a public toilet at the Central Bus Station in Kiev on Demeevka (Prospekt Nauki, 1/2).

Benefits for the customer are unconditional:

  • the terminal does not take payment for its work (payback up to 3 months)
  • all income is guaranteed to go to the cashier
  • work 24/7 without breaks, days off, sick days
  • no risk of accepting counterfeit money
  • maintaining clear statistics with remote access

How it works:

  • a person approaches the terminal to the cashier and selects the required number of services
  • pays in cash or by card (no commissions from the client or customer)
  • receives change in cash (if change is required)
  • receives a ticket pass with a QR code
  • goes to the turnstile and scans the QR code from the receipt
  • goes to the toilet

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