Cashier terminal + individual software for bike rental, etc.

The customer is engaged in renting bicycles, skis, snowboards, selling related products and providing services.

Objective: automating the issuance of vehicles for rent, concluding a contract, selling related goods and services, eliminating the bad faith of employees.

Solution: Since the client wanted to help his employees during peak loads, to speed up the issuance of bicycles and to be legally protected when issuing vehicles for rent, it was decided to make an electronic cashier with the following capabilities:

  • conclusion of an electronic contract;
  • integration with the accounting system for the sale of goods and services;
  • document scanner;
  • a camera for checking the passport and the owner;
  • accepting banknotes and bank cards;
  • delivery of change by recycling;

Result: The electronic cashier reduced the likelihood of theft of bicycles, thanks to an electronic contract, a scan of the passport and a photo of the tenant, Centralized payment for services and goods (excluding the acceptance of payments by employees), accelerated the issuance of bicycles.

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