Automatic currency exchange terminal (currency exchange ATM)



The currency exchange terminal is an innovative product designed to expand banking services and reduce the cost of maintaining an exchange office. The self-service machine is equipped with a set of functions, with the help of which customers no longer have to spend time looking for a currency exchange office or waiting in line. Cash in the selected currency is issued automatically.

Self-service terminal for currency exchange is a device that accepts and issues cash from other countries. The system is configured to accept and exchange popular money (dollar, euro, ruble, pounds, and others). Conversion takes place at the rate that is valid at the time of issuing banknotes. At the end of the operation, the user receives a receipt with data on the amount of the transaction and the exchange rate at which the currency was changed.

Main characteristics of the currency exchange terminal:

  • color LCD screen with touch control;
  • function keys;
  • money receiving devices;
  • dispensing devices;
  • modern reliable safe, optionally with a combination lock;
  • high-speed receipt printer (may be fiscal);
  • bank card reader (optional);
  • Built-in barcode reader;
  • protection against peeping;
  • video surveillance system;
  • uninterruptible power supply.

Foreign currency exchange operation is extremely simple and clear. All that the client needs is to have cash or a bank card with him, then follow the instructions of the electronic menu. The user deposits funds and chooses which currency to transfer them to. Automatic exchanger issues banknotes in cash or transfers money to a bank card.


The demand for a payment terminal is growing due to the absence of the need to stand in line and communicate with bank employees. The foreign currency exchange operation takes place instantly, it does not take more than a minute. At the same time, the electronic exchange office operates around the clock, without interruptions, and is located in the most convenient places.

The advantages of a modern currency exchange terminal are thought out to the maximum:

  • acceleration of the money exchange process;
  • a large selection of different types of currencies;
  • multilingual interface with customization;
  • built-in money check detector to exclude counterfeit banknotes;
  • high security and burglary resistance;
  • remote monitoring and control of functionality;
  • remote exchange rate change;
  • additional services (acceptance of payments, reference information).

In addition, currency exchange terminal is a profitable solution for those who want to get rid of the costs of maintaining an exchange office and improve customer service by significantly speeding up cash transactions. The software is quickly and easily configured with advanced functionality. The settings allow you to customize the existing solution according to customer requests.

The system easily integrates with Linux or Windows, has process monitoring functions, including the fullness of cassettes or the balance of funds in the device.

The benefits of investing in electronic terminals

Automatic currency exchange terminals are relevant for high-traffic points: an airport, a shopping center, a railway station or an area where major cultural events (concerts, championships or exhibitions) are held. Due to the large flow of people, the electronic device pays off in a short time, and the owner minimizes costs through a modern banking system.

The main advantages of an ATM for currency exchange:

  • no need to register an electronic device with the Central Bank;
  • reducing the cost of conducting exchange transactions with cash;
  • Increased customer service by minimizing time spent.

The self-service terminal resembles a simple ATM. The device has a small size, so it does not take up much space and does not require the cost of renting a room, as well as the maintenance of an employee. With timely cash collection, the system will work without interruption and with tangible profit.

Payment terminal is maximally protected from scammers. Reliable hardware and software have built-in data leakage protection, surveillance cameras that can be connected to a centralized security console. The device is able to recognize all the security elements of the banknote and identify a fake. The owner also gets access to setting restrictions on currency transactions and the denomination of accepted banknotes.

The currency exchange device is provided with warranty and service, as well as information support. These and many other features allow you to set up an automated currency exchange business without risks or significant costs.


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