Payment terminal SK-PP3 (econom, cashiers)



Payment terminal, designed to accept all types of payments. Famous classical design, floor-standing, small size, easy to use. Maximum, the most common equipment. Recommended for use in high-traffic areas with heavy loads.

The payment terminal is designed to receive all types of payments. Common, recognizable design, floor design, small size, ease of use.


  1. reception of almost all types of payments: for mobile services, utilities, Internet and TV;
  2. replenish bank accounts and subscriber;
  3. receiving remittances in repayment of loans;
  4. Additional information and advertising functions.


  1. common, recognizable design;
  2. vandal-proof housing;
  3. maximum fault tolerance in the work;
  4. flexible configuration to the needs of the customer
  5. opportunity to use in different payment systems
  6. autonomous power system;
Metal case, floor, covered by high-quality powdered polymer
Contrast LCD display (size by model)
Touch screen SAW, IR, Multitouch
PC Intel Dual Core /RAM 4Gb /SSD (discussed)
Thermal printer Custom TG2480, VKP80, 80мм
Billacceptor Cashcode MVU, MSM, MEI Advance (касета 1000-1200)
Ethernet, 3G
Stereo Speakers 2W

Dual monitor version


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