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Going through this link will allow you to see and explore all the solutions we offer. This will allow you to better understand what and how you can apply in your field of activity. We can also change any solution for you, and maybe develop a completely new one. You tell us about what is bothering you, and we will try to fix it!
Banks, credit institutions, insurance
This category presents integrated solutions for the automation of banks, financial and credit organizations, as well as insurance companies using touch-sensitive information and self-service payment terminals.
Commercial and business structures, production automation
Automation of production and business has long become a standard, as the owner has always been able to count his money. Our solutions for commercial structures will further reduce production costs, save the staff from routine and qualitatively improve work results.
Trade and retail: markets, shopping centers, warehouses
Retail sales are growing with population growth, and they are also changing under the pressure of electronic commerce. How to serve more customers and not increase the number of staff? How to improve the quality of service and provide information to customers? We know the answers to these and other questions.
Transport and logistics: postal and courier services, trucking
With the growth of e-commerce, the expansion of opportunities to shop in other countries - the volume of freight traffic is growing. How to reduce staff costs? How to ensure fast and reliable delivery of goods? The answer is simple - of course, automate everything and everyone!
Hotels and catering: hotels, hostels, restaurants, cafes, fast food
Such areas as the hotel business and catering service a large number of customers, so they primarily require the implementation of self-service solutions. In this category you will find solutions using touch terminals and vending machines.
State: administrations, service centers, traffic police, police
Reducing the number of civil servants is the goal of any state that values taxpayer money. The introduction of solutions for automation and self-service in public institutions significantly unloads employees and improves the quality of service for citizens.
Education and child development: schools, kindergartens, universities, sections and clubs
The new generation is mastering electronic devices before learning to walk, the Internet provides more information than the encyclopedia in the library! Modern education without new technologies and solutions is unthinkable. Interactive tables in kindergartens, electronic boards in schools and universities - this is already today.
Medicine and health: hospitals, pharmacies, sports and fitness clubs, tourism
Medicine has never been cheap, because a person is ready to give the last for his health. But there are a lot of people, and there are not so many good specialists in medicine and sports. We can offer a variety of automation solutions in the fields of medicine and sports, from electronic queuing to automatic dispensing of medicines.
Culture: museums, theaters, cinema, exhibitions, entertainment
Who, if not the electronic brain, containing the information of all the libraries of the world, will tell about the exhibit in the most detailed and clear way? Who, if not the electronic cashier, will quickly sell you tickets for an excursion or to the cinema? Who, if not a robot photographer, will photograph you in the most unexpected place? All this you will find in this category.