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Information kiosks Touch tables and monitors Payment terminals Self-checkout, cashier terminals Photo kiosks, photo booths, automated photography Vending machines and equipment Advertising equipment Digital-Signage Equipment for car washes Parcel terminals, automatic lockers and other self-service Blackout equipment: Generators, charging stations, generator cases
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Information kiosks
In this category, you will find touch-screen terminals (kiosks) and tables designed for: registration in the electronic queue, admin administration. services, product information and many other uses. We produce sensor systems for every taste: desktop, floor, wall, for indoor and outdoor, with a printer, scanner or any other equipment.
Touch tables and monitors
Payment terminals
This category includes terminals for making payments for goods or services of any kind. We produce payment terminals of any type and level of complexity: for working with cash at reception and issuance, as well as with bank cards, for use indoors and outdoors.
Self-checkout, cashier terminals
This category includes self-service self-checkouts machines, electronic cashiers, as well as kiosks for self-ordering and payment. All these solutions help optimize personnel costs and improve the quality and convenience of customer service.
Photo kiosks, photo booths, automated photography
This category includes photo booths, photo booths and whole complexes designed for automatic photo (without the participation of the photographer). The product range is one of the widest, as in this niche we are real professionals! Our knowledge and capabilities will allow you how to earn money from photo vending, as well as automate the visa or entertainment center!
Vending machines and equipment
This category contains vending machines of various types: for the sale of piece goods of various shapes, as well as various products and liquids. For each type of product, we develop individually issuance mechanisms, as well as create the necessary conditions for storing the product. There are automatic machines, both for premises and for the street.
Advertising equipment Digital-Signage
Solutions for digital advertising are presented in this category: advertising monitors for rooms, streets and transport, audio guides for museums and shop windows, as well as advertising players with auto start and cloud management. In this category you will also find enclosures for LCD LED displays and projectors with built-in climate control systems.
Equipment for car washes
In this category are presented control systems for automatic car washes: control panels, a controller for controlling a vacuum cleaner and other devices, a change machine for exchanging money for tokens or coins. When developing devices, outdoor operating conditions and high moisture content were taken into account.
Parcel terminals, automatic lockers and other self-service
In this category, we presented some products (machines, terminals, kiosks) that are difficult to attribute to one or another standard category. In addition to the production and sale of standard products, we are developing specialized self-service solutions, and in this category we have presented only a small part of what has been developed individually.
Blackout equipment: Generators, charging stations, generator cases
In this section you will find equipment for autonomous electricity generation: industrial generators, battery charging stations, as well as outdoor soundproof casings for generators