Individual project terminal cashier + software for INFOSHINA

INFOSHINA shop sells tires and wheels for various vehicles throughout Ukraine.

Task: Automation of search and delivery of orders, binding the terminal to a specific warehouse, automation of work with the cash register.


We have developed a cashier terminal with individual software tied to the place of installation (warehouse) for:

  • checking and paying for the order;
  • confirmation and search for an order by phone number;
  • reconciliation of the delivery address of the order, because the client may arrive at the wrong warehouse that he chose when placing an order;
  • printing receipts generated on the customer's side;
  • exclusion of acceptance of payments by employees;
  • delivery of change;
  • display of commercials, promotional offers;
  • multilingual support;

As a result, the Cashier Terminal accelerated the processing of orders thanks to a streamlined software algorithm, simplified the workflow for cash and non-cash payments, and increased customer loyalty and awareness.

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