Components for payment terminals, touchscreen kiosks, vending machines

Pricefrom $670.00
The Cashcode One FLS bill acceptor with a cassette for 1000 bills is one of the new models from Cash..
Pricefrom $1,050.00
Cashcode One FLS bill acceptor with cassette for 3000 bills is one of the new models from Cashcode. ..
Pricefrom $670.00
This model of cash receipt of cash works with banknotes with a width of 60-85 mm. The machine uses a..
Pricefrom $6,100.00
The MEI BNR banknote recycler is a complete solution for terminals, ATMs, and self-service devices. ..
Pricefrom $550.00
CashCode MSM bill acceptor + Cassette 1000 bills..
Pricefrom $365.00
Features of CashCode MVU bill acceptor: Validator modifications for accepting banknotes of one or..
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SCR Advance ™ banknote recycler provides an extremely reliable and compact cash management soluti..
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The Custom TG2480 thermal printer has high reliability and fast printing speed. Custom TG2480 is use..
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Thermal receipt printer Custom VKP80 III is a representative of the latest generation of printers fo..