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Entertaining machine for instant shooting of passing people (tourists). Very mobile, can be installed opposite the sights: monuments, stadiums, cathedrals, the sea, etc. It is enough to roll it out in the morning and roll it in the evening. Can create memorable postcards about places or events where people were photographed, accept payment and print studio quality photos.

Introducing the new! Mobile Kiosk!

In anticipation of events such as Euro 2012 in Ukraine and Poland, the Olympics in Sochi, Russia, and just the next holiday season, we present a new development of our company: Mobile Kiosk! This amusement machine designed for snapshots passing people (tourists).

After rest and chat - the best moments of our lives, moments when people liberated and free, he tries to keep in memory. But often it is in such moments do not use the camera - it's uncomfortable, for example, by the sea, in the park... and here not only the usual photo - here commemorative card stylized local attractions.

Photo kiosks secret of popularity is simple: their purpose - save for us bright moments.

Design Advantages mobile photo kiosk obvious:

  1. Photo Kiosk compact. Enough for transportation of the car. For storage you need 0.5 square meter.
  2. To start using the kiosk take no more than 15 minutes.
  3. Kiosks are equipped with a digital camera and a dye-sublimation printer, designed specifically for professional photographers.
  4. In the frame may be a few people.
  5. More freedom and opportunity to make a photo on any background.
  6. Pryaogrammoy can print logos on each shot.
  7. Instant photo prints, print speed!

And also:

  1. Convenient touch screen interface understandable for everybody - grandparents, their grandchildren and even tipsy people. Burst with the possibility of printing and posting of consecutive shots in a single photograph.
  2. Exclusive Design photo frames with the possibility of Company logo and a variety of texts (bright headers).
  3. Get instant, high-quality images. (Professional high Photo Printer photo prints in 15 seconds, a guarantee of quality photo printing - 50 years!)
  4. Unique opportunity to make a copy of the software without printing a bad photo, select color or black / white images, set a theme background.
  5. Mobility and compact equipment, human Kiosk easily transported to the selected object to photograph it on the background that he likes (eg sunset, rainbow, monuments, etc.)
  6. ability to use the equipment both indoors and outdoors, at temperatures from -25 to + 35C.
  7. Attractive and colorful design that is visible from afar and attracts the attention of others.

Photo kiosk functionality:

  • the opportunity to get a picture of the color - black and white;
  • Creating colorful frames and (or) the original inscriptions;
  • print commemorative postcards;
  • preview images.

Mobile Kiosk consists of the following components:

  • monitor with touch screen, camera with optics Carl Zeiss;
  • Vandal mobile housing, LED backlight LED;
  • bill acceptor;
  • sublimation printer;
  • software;
  • GPRS- modem

Calculated payback mobile photo kiosk:

Warning ! The following calculation subjective, because Your real income depends on your entrepreneurial skills.

  • The average permeability of people through mobile photo kiosk in the day and place for the day to see if you can change any gathering of people: ~ 20-40 people.
  • The average cost of one manufactured kiosk photos: 20 UAH.
  • Total revenue for the month: 20 x 20 UAH. for photo x 30 days a month = 12,000 USD.
  • Costs of consumables: 600h1 = 300 UAH.
  • Rent free or symbolic constant is a choice place.
  • median income could reach: more than 10,000 UAH. payback period of 4 to 6 months. taking into account the supplies.

And yet mobile photo kiosk is not just a set of features and high-quality photo printing - an emotion - it is positive - is something that does not leave us indifferent and keep positive emotions for a long time, and thrills - FOREVER.

Because of their mobility, photo kiosk can be installed on anti attractions: monuments, stadiums, churches, sea etc. It is sufficient to roll it out in the morning and evening sunset. Software provides automatic machine creation of commemorative postcards event or place where the people photographed. Stand completely autonomous, able to accept payment bills and immediately print studio-quality photos. Thus - it is an excellent investment, high profitability in the printing of commemorative postcards and the minimum cost of renting a place for the installation as a kiosk can be put on the streets, here today and gone tomorrow - there))) For more information please contact our managers.

Metal anti-vandal (street) case
Contrast LCD display 19" 16:9
Touch Screen SAW, IR, Multitouch
PC Intel Dual Core/ RAM 4Gb/ SSD (discussed)
Ethernet communication elements, options: (Bluetooth module, WiFi module)
2W stereo speakers
Web Camera with Carl Zeiss Optics (autofocus)
Photo Printer Studio Thermosublimation (700 set of photos)
LED light
ITL NV9 bill acceptor with cassete 600 bills
Version without a printer (sending received photos over the Internet)
Version without bill acceptor


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