Vending machines and equipment

Vending - selling goods and services using automated systems (vending machines). You probably saw such machines and more than once used their services. Replenishment of the account, buying coffee, snacks and much more - with the help of vending it is possible to sell everything, even cars!

Vending machines appeared in our country relatively recently. Ukrainians discovered automated trading for themselves literally ten years ago. Because many of us do not yet understand how and why develop in vending trade.

Why it is worth to do vending

An additional source of income: automated trading does not require your participation and control. So, by investing free money in vending machines, you can simultaneously engage in other business not related to trade.

Vending machines can work around the clock: this saves you from having to schedule work on 2-3 shifts, and also save on staff.

Disability: Vending machines do not need leave, weekends and sick leave. They can be used non-stop 365 days a year.

Absence of competitors: in Japan there are 23 inhabitants per 1 machine gun, in Ukraine - 2000. Hence the conclusion: the niche of vending trade in Ukraine is practically free, which excludes large competition.

Vending Ukraine, top 5 ideas for business

    Fresh milk dispenser (Molokomat) - Ukrainians regularly consume fresh milk for food, and also use it as the main ingredient in cooking. Investing in milk sales equipment will lead to quick payback and increased income.
  1. Vending machines for the sale of beer and other alcoholic beverages - according to statistics, for 2017. Ukraine ranks second in the ranking of the world's most drinking countries. One of the most favorite beverages in Ukrainians is beer, which fully justifies the profitability of investing in beer machines.
  2. Snack vending machine - beer, coffee, tea and any other drinks most of us are accustomed to using with different snacks. But business does not live alone with bars: an automaton with tights or personal hygiene products will also never be left without attention. Hence the conclusion: snacks are popular and uniquely bring profit. Lottery terminal - people like to play gambling and this is a fact. Bets on sports events, instant lotteries and other gambling will attract a steady stream of customers, and the machine will become your stable source of income.
  3. Vending copier, printer and scanner are definitely the right thing in educational institutions. Students constantly need to print something, scan or scan. On average, one student per year prints 200-250 pages of text, at least 10-12 thousand students study at one university. Imagine that at least 30% of them will regularly use the services of your vending machine. Such a machine will fully pay for itself in one year and in the future will bring a good profit.
  4. Where to buy

    Vending machines to buy will not be difficult.

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