Self-service mobile photobox studio for events SK-FK.A.P2M



Compact mobile photobox for taking photos at events: corporate parties, weddings, anniversaries and other celebrations. Despite its compact size, this model is absolutely in no way inferior to full-size photobooths, while it has significant advantages in the form of gabarits and weight. Small dimensions and light weight are achieved due to the use of only light materials in production and very compact placement of components inside the shell. It should be noted that the strength of the structure remained at a high level. The result of using such technical solutions was the possibility, without any special effort, to transport a photobox to one person by a car. Using the same simple, intuitive software, with control via the touch screen, allows you to operate the photobox not to a specialist in the field of photography. Thus, the mobile photobox studio will be an excellent choice for event-agencies, marketing departments of enterprises, as well as private investors in such an interesting and profitable business as taking photos at events!

The main features of mobile photobox:

  • complete autonomy - the ability to work independently without a specialist
  • small dimensions and weight - ease of transportation without the use of special vehicles and longshoremen
  • the ability to adjust the conditions of photography, including the height of the placement of the photobook
  • increased interest due to the interactivity of the process
  • High quality of shooting - a complete set only a mirror camera and studio flash
  • instant photo printing installed inside the printer
  • the quality of photo printing is not inferior to the studio (the guarantee of non-flammability is 100 years) is provided by thermo-dye sublimation technology of the printer
  • a large stock of consumables (700 pictures format 10x15cm) in most cases is enough for the entire time of the event, which makes the process non-stop and interesting
Case: composite, metal, aluminum
Tripod folding
Contrast LCD display 17"
Touch screen SAW, IR, Multitouch
PC Intel Dual Core /RAM 4Gb /SSD (discussed)
Ethernet communication, options: (Bluetooth module, WiFi module)
Stereo Speakers 2W
Camera Canon EOS
Photo printer thermo-sublimation (set RM 700 photos)
Professional flash photo with reflector
Frame with curtains


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