Payment terminals, automatic cash desk

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Payment terminal is designed to receive all types of payments. Street performance, increased vandal ..
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Payment terminals have long become an integral part of our lives. With their help, we can quickly pay for any service without recourse to staff. The introduction of payment terminals in various areas allows you to optimize the service process and make it easier for staff.

Where and how can payment terminals be used:

Small business and vending

Putting a payment terminal in a store or supermarket is definitely a good idea. With its help, customers can pay for cellular services, utilities, Internet and TV. This eliminates the need to hire additional support personnel, increases customer loyalty and speeds up the maintenance process.

Banks and Insurance

In the banking institutions, instead of cash registers with the cashier, you can put the payment terminal cashier, they are also called automatic cashier (auto-booking). This will save on staff. In addition, as practice shows, people are much quicker to make payments on their own than with cashiers.

Culture: museums, theaters and cinema

Some people do not attend theaters only because they do not have time to buy a ticket for the show. Payment terminals for ticket sales completely solve this problem. With their help, anyone can buy a ticket for a cultural event at any convenient time.

Trading Organizations

Electronic payment terminals cashiers can be used to pay for services and goods in commercial structures: service stations, service centers, outlets. With the help of the device, the customer can not only pay for a particular service or goods, but also get acquainted with other types of services, detailed description and cost.

Restaurants and catering

Touchscreen self-service terminals are already being actively used in the fast food industry. The visitor in a convenient form can place and pay for the order, and the staff will receive a timely notification of the order. This same system can be successfully applied in cafes and restaurants.

Where to buy

You entered in the search engine: "buy a payment terminal in Ukraine" and got to our site? We assure you this is not an accident. For more than 10 years, our company has been developing payment terminals and automated cash desks. Our products are certified according to the standards of UkrSepro and European Conformity (CE), which confirms its high quality as well as possible. And this fact does not affect the cost of the devices. Our terminals are cheaper than analogues.     Self-Service Solutions - quality terminals have never been so affordable.