Other specialized equipment

Pricefrom $1,990.00
Automatic Self-Checkout cash desks is a solution for automating trade in supermarkets (retail). The ..
Pricefrom $9,990.00
Currency exchange terminal - an innovative product, designed to expand banking services and reduce t..
Pricefrom $1,950.00
Freight terminals of self-service are the newest interactive equipment developed by our specialists ..
Pricefrom $100.00
Pochtomat is an automatic station, reception and delivery of items of small size. Station - a plural..
Pricefrom $1,500.00
Parking meters - a high-tech equipment that allows communications between car owners and vehicle rep..
Pricefrom $100.00
Filling system: BEER COUNTERS ON TABLES in bars and restaurants: Opening a restaurant is certainly ..