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The vending machine for delivery PPE (personal protective equipment, first aid, consumables for production) is a round-the-clock automated warehouse. The machine is located in the immediate vicinity of workplaces and is available 24/7, so the staff does not need to be away from their main work for a long time in order to get the necessary materials. With the help of a built-in proximity card reader - ACS passes or a face recognition system, the device identifies the employee and issues only the amount of materials that are determined by the norms (limits). Communication with the accounting system (ACS) of the enterprise allows you to receive information about issued and remaining materials online.

In the modern world, vending machines have long been used not only for the sale of snacks. The use of machines is very wide, including for providing the personnel of enterprises with first aid equipment, personal protection, and the necessary consumables.

Functional capabilities of machines:

An automated vending machine is an efficient alternative to a warehouse operating around the clock. The device allows you to speed up and optimize the process of issuing PPE, PMP, RM, to maintain the continuity of the work of each production link. The self-service vending machine can be installed in the immediate vicinity of the working area, which ensures its availability at any time. The machines can be used to dispense small and large personal protective equipment, first aid or consumables, for example:

  • overalls and footwear
  • ear plugs, gloves
  • goggles and helmets
  • antiseptics, masks, creams
  • plasters, bandages, tourniquets
  • discs, electrodes, drills, etc.

For identification in the PPE vending machine, employees can use their contactless pass cards or personal data, and the machines also provide for the use of a face recognition system. The devices are integrated with the enterprise accounting system. Thus, after successful authorization, the employee is issued the quantity of goods that are confirmed for him by the limits. In this case, all information about the received materials and balances is updated online.

The use of vending machines in enterprises allows freeing up work resources by automating the process and saving employees' time, as well as reducing the contact of personnel with each other, which is especially important in conditions of quarantine measures.

The main advantages of machines:

  • the ability to organize points of delivery of materials in close proximity to workplaces, thereby maximizing the use of staff time
  • round-the-clock access 24/7 to materials, including on night shifts and weekends, regardless of warehouse working hours
  • significant savings on warehouse personnel
    authorized personalized dispensing with clear control over consumption and limits
  • effective accounting and control of the issuance of materials online
  • navigation in vending machines through a convenient modern touch screen
  • use of any type of communication for data exchange: Ethernet, WiFi or GSM

Motivation of the enterprise management to use the devices (practical feedback):

From the point of view of the layman, the management of the enterprise in most cases is quite satisfied with the work of the logistics and supply department. However, a closer look at the issue reveals an ineffective distribution of PPE and materials at a high expense. Enterprises make purchases with a tangible margin, counting on inaccuracies and force majeure. Such an approach is unreasonable from an economic point of view. Adequate distribution of materials and PPE is impossible without the collection of realistic, accurate data that the vending machine takes over. The devices allow you to accurately determine which employee and at what time received the indicated amount of materials. This becomes an incentive for a responsible attitude to the consumption of PPE on the part of personnel. In fact, this leads to tangible savings.

Often a motivating factor for the installation of PMP, PPE and RM dispensers is that the supplier himself will handle the loading of the machine and issue invoices upon receipt of the materials by the personnel. This scheme is captivating by the absence of the need to store large stocks in our own warehouse. It often turns out that when the cost of the equipment is <0.5 million, the financial benefit from its use in the first year was> 1 million. At the same time, a large number of employees saved time on fiddling with the distribution and purchase of PPE.

It should be noted the convenience of using self-service machines for the supplier, who can calculate the average consumption level to optimize purchases from the manufacturer's warehouse. In most cases, the circuit works without any glitches. However, even if the supplier has not replenished the stock of goods in the device, the machine will send an SMS to the responsible employee about the approach of the critical minimum. Thanks to the automation of the process, the labor protection engineer will be able to timely fill the shortage of PPE from the stocks provided for such an event. Automated machines allow issuing officers to pay more attention to other important work issues. It should be understood that in the absence of machines, labor protection engineers are in a “critical case” situation every day, which negatively affects the efficiency of production processes.

The fear of the management of enterprises to get involved with vending is not justified. Representatives of companies that decide to use the equipment often wonder why they did not do it earlier. Self-service vending machines are an obvious economic benefit and competent organization of staff work.


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