Floromat SK-FL.P1 (vending machine for selling flowers)



Floromat or tsvetomat is a vending machine, mostly with transparent walls for better visibility of the goods: baskets with flowers and bouquets. Flowers are located on a rotating display case, so that the buyer can well consider the range of goods and determine the choice. The machine is equipped with a refrigeration device and monitoring sensors, which makes it possible to maintain the necessary temperature inside, at which the bouquets retain their original freshness for a long time. Payment for the purchase is made through the receiving devices: coins, banknotes, as well as bank and savings cards.

Nowadays, business is increasingly turning its view towards vending, with the goal of promoting its products and services with vending machines and automated systems. And, if for our country machines for the sale of coffee, drinks and snacks - this is a common sight, then the sale of flowers vending machines - the direction is relatively young. Such vending machines, capable of storing and selling live flowers, have received the common name FLOROMAT.
What is the floromat:
Floromat is a vending machine, the walls of which are mostly transparent to provide maximum visibility of such beautiful goods as bouquets and baskets with flowers. The flowers themselves are located on a constantly rotating display case, so that a potential buyer can get a good look at the product range and decide on the choice. Also an important feature of the floromata is the ability to maintain inside such a level of humidity and temperature, at which the bouquets retain their original freshness for a long time. For this, the machine is equipped with a refrigeration device and monitoring sensors. Payment for the purchase is made traditionally through the reception devices: coins, banknotes, as well as bank and savings cards. To operate the device it is enough to connect it to the electrical network.
How does the floromate work:
The buyer who decided to use the floromate should choose the desired flower arrangement, enter its unique number on the keyboard, make the necessary amount of money in a convenient way, after which it will only take the flowers from the opened door. It is important that the bouquet does not fall out during the purchase process and is not pushed out - the buyer takes it himself, thereby the flowers remain intact.
Such an automated system greatly simplifies and accelerates the purchase, because there is no need to answer the questions of the florist and wait until the desired composition is compiled. The owner of the floromate gets the opportunity to sell the product in automatic mode around the clock and without the costs for personnel. Of course, the floral machine will bring its owner the greater profit, the more bouquets will be realized through it. It should be remembered that buying flowers is often a spontaneous and impulsive decision, so it is important to find a suitable, passable place for the machine to be installed, whose visitors can become potential buyers.
The best places for the installation of floromates:

  • railway stations and airports
  • shopping and entertainment centers
  • concert halls, theaters
  • palaces of weddings

... and even flower shops in the neighborhood, because the owner of the floromate has undeniable advantages over the classic flower pavilions!
Pros of using a floromate:

  • a significant saving in money, due to the lack of a seller-florist
  • occupies a small area, which allows to minimize the costs of leasing
  • control and accounting of trade is carried out in an automatic mode, which excludes the unfairness of personnel
  • flowers last longer remain fresh, as they are not threatened by the temperature drop, which are subject to bouquets in an ordinary store
  • sale of bouquets in this way is carried out daily, without interruptions and in a round-the-clock mode

It turns out that buying or renting a floromate is a promising way to conduct a flower business with minimal investments, especially attractive for those who are just starting to master this field of activity.

Floor-mounted case, made of chipboard, aluminum, metal
Glazing material: transparent acrylic
Quantity of goods: 3-4 levels (for choose), from 6 sections on the 1st level
Spinning showcase of transparent acrylic(or glass) and mirrors
Energy saving mode: Showcase spinning by the proximity sensor or by the schedule
Automatic doors for the delivery of goods with protection from grasping hands
CPU for controlling the machine with the configuration of prices and statistics
GSM module for sending SMS about sales and errors(option)
LCD display graphic, monochrome
Keypad for entering the section number with the goods
Billacceptor ITL with a cassette for notes
Climate control unit for cooling flowers(option)
Sizes H*W*D: 1900*1100*900 mm
GSM module
Coinacceptor multi-nominal
Coin dispencer
Climate control unit basic, the temperature is 8-12 degrees Celsius

Climate control unit industrial temperature 4-6 degrees Celsius



А не дорого ли 3000 зелёных

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Стоимость автомата будет объявлена в ближайшее время. Пока ориентируйтесь: от 3000$ без холодильной установки и от 3500$ с холодильной


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