Snack vending machine mini SK-T.A.N(5-8)



The machine is designed as an alternative to the widespread and heavy snack machines. Advantages are: small size of occupied space, mobility, functionality and, most importantly, price. Reliable and functional wall-mounted vending machine (possibly floor standing on the rack) for the realization of almost any goods that fit in overall dimensions. The quality of the machine and a reasonable democratic price, favorably distinguish this model from other machines.

Snack is a specialized machine for selling piece goods without the need for the immediate presence of the seller-consultant, in other words, to conduct the vending business. Thus, the vending machine earns its own money without requiring your constant presence. With its help it becomes possible to organize your trading point in any place you like, where there is sufficient area and electricity. The buyer selects the goods he likes by means of a special panel on the vending machine, pays it using automated receivers of coins and coins, and then picks up the selected purchase from the issuance compartment provided for in the vending machine.

This model of the vending machine is a good alternative to many more cumbersome and heavy snack machines. Compared with them, a small snack machine has a number of undoubted advantages: a significantly lower cost, mobility when installing or changing the place for trading, no need to rent a large area for installation and use. The device has a reliable wall mount (it is also possible to install it on a special rack on the floor) and is a functional and reliable means for selling a variety of different products. The only condition for selecting the range of snacks are the dimensions of the goods compatible with the cells of the device. The combination of high quality and a reasonable democratic price - the undeniable advantages of this vending machine.

The device is suitable for installation in a variety of rooms, thanks to the possibility of its placement, both on the wall and on the floor. Absence of the need for a large initial investment, high payback rate, lack of binding to a specific type of product, the ability to change the assortment at any time and ease with changing locations are obvious positive qualities of these devices.

The case is wall-mounted, metal, powder-coated
The number of shelves for the goods: 5 or 8 (by model)
The capacity of the goods: up to 250 pieces, depending on the size of the goods
Show-window from the tempered glass with backlight
The dispensing window with protection against "fishing" (you can not remove the product without payment)
Product selection buttons with backlight and place for tags with price and name
CPU for controlling the machine with the configuration of prices and statistics
GSM module for sending SMS about sales and errors(option)
LCD display graphic, monochrome
Billacceptor ITL with a cassette for notes
GSM module
Coinacceptor multi-nominal
Coin dispencer
Stand for floor installation
Advertising lightbox with LED backlight
DigitalSignage advertising monitor


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