Automatic self-service dry cleaning point, CLEANAMAT



CLEANAMAT is an automated point for receiving things for dry cleaning, operating without personnel and occupying a minimum area. The concept of operation of the vending machine is based on the principles of operation of parcel lockers and automatic storage lockers, which minimizes the costs for investors to scale the business of providing laundry and dry cleaning services.

Our lives are becoming more and more automated. Not so long ago, the alternative to hand washing was completely absent. Then there were automatic washing machines, available in public laundries, and now they are an integral part of every home. Washing has become easier, but some difficulties remain - not all things can be washed in a home machine, some will not fit in size, and others will need professional chemical treatment. Hence, the services of professional dry cleaners and laundries are in demand more than ever.

And here's a new question:
How to ensure the maximum number of dry cleaning points available for customers, with minimal maintenance costs?!
Once again, automation comes to the rescue. The automated collection point Cleanamat will accept and return dirty linen and clothes on its own, without personnel. At the same time, it is much more compact than the automatic laundry or dry cleaning we are already familiar with, so it is easier to locate it within walking distance of each client.

What is a cleaner?
This is the name of an automatic point where linen and clothes that require washing or dry cleaning are accepted. He does the work around the clock, spending a minimum of time on receiving things. In this fully automated system, there are no queues and no receipts that are inevitable in self laundry. This technology has proven itself abroad and now it has appeared in our country. Other issuance systems work in a similar way - a post office and an automatic left-luggage office, which have already managed to earn the trust of Russians. We are getting used to automation, taking advantage of its benefits.

How does a cleaner work?
The client logs in using his mobile phone in the cleaning room.
Chooses the size of the compartment and puts his things there, while small things can be packed in a sealed bag.
After that, the courier picks up the things and delivers them to the cleaning factory.
The factory generates an invoice for the provision of services, which the client can pay online or by card upon receipt.
Upon completion of the services, the courier delivers clean things back to the cleaning room.
The client is notified about the return of things by SMS so that he comes at a convenient time for him and picks them up clean.

The advantages of a cleaner are undeniable:
No personnel costs for dry cleaning service owners
The minimum occupied area of ​​the reception point, and therefore the minimum cost of rent
Maximum branching of the network of reception points
Quick and easy check-in and check-out
No queues


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