Electronic payment terminals cashier's of service stations, service centers, outlets

Electronic cashier is a software solution for businesses that will allow your customers to pay for themselves services and goods. The payment terminal will automate the sales process and replace the cashier's round-the-clock work. It consists of a computer and a touch screen that can recognize and accept notes. The terminal can read barcodes, take into account discount and bonus cards. The functionality of the electronic cashier can fully meet the needs of the customer and his client.

Benefits for business:

  • Effective solution to combat queues
  • Significant reduction in personnel costs - terminals do not need to pay salaries, they do not go on holidays and the hospital does not take
  • The robot (terminal) is not mistaken, will not ruffle and will not leave for a smoke break - the dependence on the human factor and the level of personnel training
  • Reduces risks when working and storing cash, excludes fraud of staff
  • Excludes costs for collection services, and reduces the cost of maintaining cash
  • Has a locking mode, which allows you to refuse cash registers
  • Has a built-in detector of authenticity of notes
  • Occupies a minimum of space
  • The multilingual interface gives the opportunity to serve foreign clients - the opportunity to hire a less-paid person, without the knowledge of foreign languages
  • Opportunity to demonstrate various promotional materials, promotions and special offers

Benefits for clients:

  • No need to queue
  • Shortens the waiting time for the order
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface in any language
  • The fascination of the interactive process
  • The opportunity to be alone with yourself, even in such a crowded place

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