Software for selling electronic content through a self-service terminal



Software for selling electronic content through a self-service payment terminal. Synchronized with the central content management database.

Software functions:

  • sale of information content of various types (video, audio, books, games)
  • convenient search and navigation in the content catalog with a developed system of categories and filters
  • detailed information on each unit of content (title, description, director, actors, writer, etc.)
  • the ability to view a trailer for video or computer game
  • the ability to listen to a passage for audio
  • opportunity to view the contents of the book
  • choosing the content you like in the basket
  • Save selected content to removable media payment acceptance using payment devices
  • Playing commercials on the second terminal display
  • check printing

Software features:

  • work with payment devices using the CCNET

protocol work with multiple displays convenient and stylish graphical user interface ability to play audio and video files all information about the content is stored in the database FireBird Enter text data using the on-screen alphabetic keyboard There is a separate program for filling the database. The program allows you to create and edit all the elements of the database: the content itself, directories of categories, sections, genres, countries, actors and much more update the terminal database from a portable hard drive with the push of a button logging of the system and detailed sales statistics presence of admin panel for changing settings, holding cash collection and viewing sales statistics admin panel is called with a special secret screen password customizable check patterns


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