Electronic reception, hotel Self Check-In terminals

In modern society, self-service terminals / self-service kiosks are increasingly becoming more preferable for visitors / customers than for personnel. There are many reasons for this. Self-service in the form of self-check-in terminals has also come to the hotel sector and has become relevant for absolutely different levels of hotels: - in large hotels with a large flow of visitors Self Check-In terminals solve the problem of employing staff, allowing the visitor to register without their own, and receive number key; - the use of terminals in small hotels and hostels has become in fact a new format of business, as they allow you to completely abandon the staff, and therefore significantly for such a format of hotels to reduce the cost. The terminal operates 24/7 and completely replaces the personnel at the settlement / eviction, replacing a minimum of 3 employees.

Benefits for the hotel:

  • Registration and departure of the guest from the hotel - a long procedure, forming a queue before the reception. Self-check in terminal is an effective solution to this problem
  • Since employees do not need a lengthy process of personal registration, they can instead focus on improving the level of customer service
  • Significant reduction in staff costs - terminals do not need to pay salaries, they do not go on vacation and the hospital does not take
  • The robot (terminal) is not mistaken, will not ruffle and will not leave for a smoke break - the dependence on the human factor and the level of personnel training
  • Kiosks can be set up for translation into several different languages, which makes it available to several nationalities and therefore minimizes the need for multilingual staff. The presence of an interface in several languages encourages guests from all over the world to visit your hotel. International guests can use the terminal without any language barriers, providing them with more accessible and flexible service
  • Use of the kiosk also means that late or early registrations are easy to implement, since the technology works 24 hours a day, which makes it more convenient for the client
  • Satisfying the interests of clients can benefit the hotels, creating unforgettable and happy impressions, which gives an opportunity to gain customer loyalty and facilitate repeat visits
  • Opportunity to demonstrate various promotional materials, promotions and special offers
  • Innovation is a great way to increase the image and stand out against competitors

Benefits for clients:

  • No need to queue
  • Details of each room: visualization, description available in any language
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface
  • Possibility to settle at any time, the doors are open all day and there is no need to wake anyone up

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