Self-ordering terminals in fast-food restaurants

A new trend in the development of self-service Self-Service is now also for fast food restaurants (fast food). An innovative and effective tool, which is increasingly found in the institutions of major cities around the world. The visitor can place and even pay for the order in a convenient form, without using the restaurant staff for this at all. The self-service system frees the time for the maintenance staff, significantly relieving it with a large flow of customers, while the quality of service ceases to be dependent on the human factor. The experience of implementation of the clients showed only positive results with a high growth prospect.

Benefits for the establishment:

  • Effective solution to combat queues
  • Significant reduction in personnel costs - terminals do not need to pay salaries, they do not go on holidays and the hospital does not take T
  • he robot (terminal) is not mistaken, will not ruffle and will not leave for a smoke break - the dependence on the human factor and the level of personnel training
  • The multilingual interface provides an opportunity to serve foreign clients - the opportunity to hire less-paid staff, without the knowledge of foreign languages
  • The best visibility of the menu and detail in the description of dishes stimulates to order more
  • Opportunity to demonstrate various promotional materials, promotions and special offers
  • Innovation is a great way to improve the image and stand out against the competition
  • Full integration with the accounting system: change of prices, titles, nomenclature of dishes is automatic on-line. Orders and payment information are sent directly to the POS system
  • Collecting statistics on customer actions allows you to conduct marketing analytics
  • Self-service terminals are extremely in demand during peak hours (lunch time and weekend / holidays), as existing staff corny can not cope with the influx, and create a staff overpowers for such cases - is wasteful

Benefits for clients:

  • No need to queue
  • Reduces waiting times for orders
  • Detailed information about each dish: visualization, ingredients
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface in any language
  • The fascination of the interactive process
  • The opportunity to be alone with yourself, even in such a crowded place

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