Beer Machine self-service machine for filling beer in PET for retail markets



Beer Machine is a self-service machine specially designed for placement in retail areas of retail supermarkets. Designed for automatic, without customer intervention (just put a bottle) filling of foaming drinks, such as: beer, kvass, ale, cider, etc. With the help of this machine, you can organize a sales area for live beer and provide additional income due to the popular, but specific direction.

The popularity of craft sorts of live beer and kvass is higher than ever, and now ale and cider have been added to them. More and more connoisseurs of these ancient, with a rich history of drinks, refuse pasteurized, intended for long-term storage of a bottle product. Indeed, the main difference between live beer and the substitute that is sold in sealed bottles is naturalness, the absence of preservatives and other additives. Neither in taste nor in other characteristics can a drink with artificial components be compared to a living one. The same story with: cider, ale, kvass. Such gourmets have to explore all the nooks and crannies in order to find stalls with noble drinks. But available food markets do not sell foaming drinks for bottling. The reason for this is the modern concept of self-service markets, which involves a minimum number of attendants and keeping an individual person for pouring foaming drinks - wasteful. At the same time, it is not possible to allow the client to pour on their own, because this process requires knowledge and skills. So we observe how retail markets grow around LIVING BEER around small shops, and the owners of retail chains lose profit in this segment.

However, there is a hope to earn and markets! This hope is given by a device with the speaking name Beer Machine - a self-service vending machine, with which you can pour fresh beer Beer, Cider, El or Kvass into PET containers automatically. Just like in the beer pavilion, only on your own, without skills, without queues, and even combining with the purchase of other products.

Retail Beer Machine is a real find for lovers of foaming drinks and those who want to buy everything in one place. This vending machine solves a lot:

  • the client does not need to possess the skills of free foam filling in PET containers, just install a bottle
  • do not be afraid of foam, because the automatic process is thought out so that foaming is minimal
  • the machine maintains impeccable accuracy and pours exactly the volume of the installed containers
  • the device serves customers here and now, because the queues are excluded
  • the product from the vending machine is always fresh and chilled
  • the machine will not only pour a drink, but will also issue a label with detailed information
  • sales statistics and machine maintenance regulations are also automated
  • the process when a smart machine does everything for a person is always interesting and causes WOW

Progress does not stand still - retail technology is rapidly improving. Now, those who appreciate live beer and kvass do not need to endure the inconvenience of finding craft varieties in the area, and store owners have a real chance to increase profits. A new, improved self-service machine will be appreciated by both customers and business owners!

Case metal, powder polymer, ANSI304 stainless steel 1
Drainage system 1
Mini PC 1
Low Level CPU Interface Controller 1
RGB loading progress indicator 4
Illuminated operation button 4
Bottle Size/Volume Sensor 4
Automatic foam-free filling valve (installation of the bottle by the customer) 4
Beverage Dosing and Counting Module 4
Flow cooler 6 grades 1
System cooling sleeve 1
Adhesive Label Printer 1


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