Self-checkout cash desks



Automatic Self-Checkout cash desks is a solution for automating trade in supermarkets (retail). The Self-Checkout system allows the buyer to weigh the selected goods in the self-service mode, scan barcodes and pay its cost without the intervention of a cashier. For retailers, automatic cash desks are economically very profitable due to a multitude of advantages.

Self-checkout cash desks

The whole world, all branches of our life, are confidently moving towards automation. One of the solutions for trade automation in supermarkets (retail) is the Self-Checkout automatic self-service cash desks. This technology is not a novelty, it has already been tested by time and has found application all over the world. In Ukraine and the post-Soviet countries, this decision is only beginning to be implemented, but the prospect of its implementation is undeniable. The Self-Checkout system allows the buyer to weigh the selected goods in the self-service mode, scan barcodes and pay its cost without the intervention of a cashier. For retailers, automatic cash desks are economically very profitable, due to the presence of a number of advantages.

The main advantages of the Self-Checkout automatic self-checkout are:

1. Self-checkout is a full-fledged alternative to a regular cash office, but not requiring staff costs, in the form of: wages, training and social security. Automatic ticket offices do not get sick, do not go for a smoke break, do not go on vacation.
2. Saving commercial space. A self-checkout cash register takes up much less space than a regular checkout node, especially if it comes to a self-checkout cashless settlement using a POS terminal.
3. The maximum reduction in the influence of the human factor. The staff is not involved in the process, everything is controlled by the Self-Checkout cash register software in automatic mode.
4. Recognizable solution for the modern user. Self-Checkout technology will appeal to those users who are used to working with modern self-service devices, such as: payment terminals, vending machines and ordinary gadgets. In this regard, self-service checkout is fully consistent with the ideas of advanced buyers, it corresponds to their picture of the world.
5. The ability to optimize staff performance and costs of its maintenance. The self-service cash desk allows you to reduce the number of staff, makes it possible to adjust the work schedule of employees, and also allows you to avoid the occurrence of queues during peak loads. If we are talking about the sleeping areas of a large city, it is often possible to observe an uneven flow of customers. After work, the load on the cashiers is maximum, while at the same time there are not so many buyers during the working day. The staff can not always switch to another operation in the absence of customers, as there may be permanent influx of visitors, for example, when the outlet is located near the bus stop.
6. Self-Checkout automatic checkout will also be convenient for customers who do not like to communicate with the staff, we will not deny that there are some. Such people prefer that no one touches them and does not ask them too many questions. From here, the probability of occurrence of conflict situations is significantly reduced.

Retailers are increasingly aware of the importance of self-service cash registers. The presence of queues at cash registers has a negative impact on supermarket visits. You can often observe such a picture: the buyer scored a whole basket of goods and left the store, left it in the sales area. Almost always, this behavior indicates the presence of large queues near the cash registers. Moreover, at the sight of queues, some buyers do not even enter the sales area, the prospect of spending time in the queue does not clearly attract them. The Self-Checkout cash desk technology significantly reduces the number of baskets left, moreover, people themselves tend to visit such outlets where it is implemented.

Through the use of the COP can solve many problems in the outlet. Among them are the following:
- significant reduction in queues;
- increase in revenue due to increased throughput;
- reduction of customer churn;
- reducing the burden on staff;
- optimization of the use of commercial retail space;
- an increase in cash units without the involvement of new staff;
- increase control and fight against fraudsters.

Which self-service checkout points are best suited?

Self-Checkout technology is demanded to the maximum extent in small and medium-sized outlets. In large hypermarkets, it will be less effective, which is understandable: here the shopping cart is much larger, and the buyer himself does not have great skills in working with a barcode scanner, cashiers do this much faster. But, for a small number of purchases of modern supermarkets, a special express zone is distinguished, entry with carts to which is impossible, it is available only to visitors with baskets. Here it will also be important to equip the zone with self-service cash registers.

How to deal with fraud and theft when using self-service cash desks?

In the field of retail new technologies are being introduced more and more actively. Today in large cities, the use of self-service cash registers is no surprise to anyone; moreover, their use has become commonplace.
At the same time, the question arises about the problems of combating thefts and fraud.
The common scheme of fraud: weighed the goods, pasted a sticker, then put it on the cashier. In this case, the cashier will not miss the purchase, as it is equipped with a control system for the compliance of the barcode of the product with its weight, including control weighing of the weight of the goods. Thus, the probability that the supermarket will be deceived is minimal. Another option for weight goods fraud is to weigh in expensive goods as cheap. In this case, control of the security service is required. But in supermarkets, loyalty cards are common, identifying the customer and providing him with various benefits when purchasing goods. Caught on such a fraud client in the future will lose more in the form of deprivation of discounts and bonuses. Because in most cases, customers simply do not want to risk their reputation.

And what about the sale of groups of goods with age restrictions?

And in this case it’s not worth worrying about, the modern self-service cash desks are equipped with the function of control over goods with age restrictions, as a rule, we are talking about alcohol and tobacco products. In the case of an attempt to buy such a product through an automatic cash desk, the latter will block the sale and will call the store personnel to check the age of the buyer with a signal.
Taking all of the above, we can confidently say that Self-Checkout self-checkout is a modern, safe and convenient solution for retail automation.


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