Photo complex INCREDIBLE SHOTS: remote photo shooting at water parks



The system is designed for automatic remote photography of those who having fun in places of rest and entertainment, where the most desirable photos can not be made on their own. Such places can be: water parks, amusement parks, attractions and other entertainment zones. It consists of: professional photo or video cameras, PCs, motion sensors, terminals for displaying received photos, as well as automated terminals for ordering, payment and printing.

Automatic photo entertainment complex "incredible shots" is designed for installation in places of recreation and entertainment, where the most coveted photo can not be done in-house. Such places could be: water parks, amusement parks, attractions and other entertainment areas. All automated system - a lot of modular, consisting of: a professional photo or video cameras connected to the host PC, motion sensors of various types, display terminals with wide screen displays, as well as automated payment terminals and print the photographs.

We describe the principle of operation of the complex, as well as his commercial appeal: Cameras are installed in a completely inaccessible locations to the public. Places where, very uncomfortable, and sometimes impossible to capture the most striking moment to save you an unforgettable experience, which is produced by vacationers, such as riding a roller coaster water park. Adjust or prepare a camera shutter clicking can not none of visitors, how to determine exactly where the camera work - it is impossible, because the cameras are controlled via a PC with motion sensors, controlled by a special "smart" algorithms. This ultramodern system produces images in the most unexpected and emotional moment. Professional cameras allow you to capture high quality, and "smart algorithms" clearly captured in the frame of holidaymakers. In place of "landing" once recently "caught in the hot," the victim, set terminals with large screens on which demonstrated these incredible shots. Vacationers and their companions, they see these photos at a time when the level of adrenaline after the attraction is in peak condition, and hence the emotional desire to keep the piece received emotion on memory - unbelievable. Where, as here neither acts well-known saying: "road spoon for dinner", because: a) the picture is quite unexpectedly, at a time when resting as much as possible focused on attraction; b) after the ride, when a person is in a state of emotional upheaval, he immediately saw the pictures on the big screen, and it necessarily a desire to have them; a) by simple manipulations of the modern terminal, it will immediately pay and receive high-quality photo, and then capture the experienced the emotions of a long memory. Automated complex "incredible shots," just for photography and printing is such: bright and unforgettable moments. Described entertainment system set up with all the innovations of computer technologies and modern principles of visualization, which allows to attract maximum number of customers. Used the principles of interaction with machine guns, as well as the management interface will be clear to any inexperienced user. Professional camera takes pictures of high quality, motion sensors are adjusted to within a millisecond, and dye-sublimation printing technology ensures modern visitors images of the highest quality, not inferior in quality and durability - studio. And the most important thing in the entertainment photo-complex "incredible shots" - its absolute autonomy. This system will never ask for vacation, get sick and will not ask for a raise. Once invested money - the owners, a stable and secure income.

Attractiveness for customers:

  1. - Location in inaccessible places for visitors. Establishes a system in the most unusual places. For example, in the water park, the cameras are placed inside the hills, where a conventional camera to make pictures may be taken. If you take the attractions (such as "slingshot"), then mount the camera (s) may be on the side racks in the upper point of the takeoff path skiers, so the survey will be carried out at the time of lifting of the reach of conventional cameras, the top point.
  2. Convenience and ease of use. The system is easy and simple to use. Visitors all actions performed in the "one-click" on the screen. All necessary information is displayed on a large screen, and you can take pictures at a special terminal, allowing bills to accept payment of any value (can work with RFID contactless payment modules). Printing means sublimation printer ensures visitors images of the highest quality. And most importantly, the visitor receives the pictures "here and now».
  3. The ability to capture an unusual moment of their stay. Each of us have a lot of photos with water parks around the pool or inside it received at the time of landing, but there is no picture, where we rush down the steep maze of slides, photos, or at the time of take-off to a height of 5-6 meters... or at the time of acceleration speed rotating wheel attraction.

The attraction for the owners:

  1. Additional earnings for the owners. This new system is able to promptly make a profit owners. If you take flotation in 1000 visitors a day, and take into account that every 10th wants to get a photo with his participation in the downhill or takeoff on "unprecedented heights." Also take over the base cost of instant photography 30 UAH. Then we have an indisputable financial results: 100 (visitors) X 30 UAH. X 30 days = 90 000 UAH per month !!!

The principle of operation of all automated photo-entertainment complex "incredible shots»:

  1. A visitor comes to attraction.
  2. While on the attraction, if it enters the zone motion detection occurs shooting.
  3. Picture taken is displayed on the big screen terminal mounted near the attraction.
  4. When leaving the vacationer attraction is just on the big screen and see your photo.
  5. Going to the terminal with the photos, you can get a voucher with a unique number of your photos or just remember it from the screen.
  6. Special payment terminal and print photos, equipped with touch screen control, find the desired photo number (or time), priymet payment and print the appropriate number of shots.
  7. All the modules are interconnected complex wirelessly exchange data in real time.

The modules of the complex automated incredible shots:

  1. Camera in a protective metal casing. The design provides: protection from moisture, direct exposure to the sun, provides the ability to adjust on all axes.
  2. A camera control unit with the PC. Also, in a protective housing with a wet-heat protection, the automated system of forced cooling, can be fixed to the posts, etc.
  3. Showing a terminal with a large 32 "or 42" floor-standing, it is possible to supply and wall 32 ".
  4. Payment terminal and print, also made vandal-resistant metal housing, equipped with a terminal and a high-quality photo printer and performance.
The whole system of photography and its components are selected for each object individually
For a list of the main components, see Additional Options


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