Interactive catalog of goods and services

The "Electronic Catalog" solution is a software and hardware complex consisting of several interconnected modules: "Database Server", "Web Store", "Touch Kiosk". Such an integrated approach provides coverage to the maximum client audience, while also unloading sales consultants, by transferring customers to a convenient and efficient self-service system. Thus, customers receive the most detailed information about the goods, a clear presence at local and remote warehouses, and also it is a convenient tool for placing an order, both remotely, through a web resource, and locally, through touch interactive kiosks. Formed orders automatically appear in the database, and the client can only pay (optionally through the terminals you can immediately and pay for the order) and receive the goods in the warehouse. "Electronic catalog" is a convenient and practical means to increase sales, without attracting new personnel and increasing retail space.

Advantages for business:

  • Substantial expansion of the product range without using additional retail space
  • Effective solution for improving the quality and speed of customer service
  • The ability to see availability, both in the trading hall, in the local warehouse, and at remote trading halls and warehouses in real time
  • Significant reduction in staff costs - terminals and web resources pay salaries is not necessary, they do not go on vacation and the hospital does not take
  • The robot (terminal) is not mistaken, will not ruffle and will not leave for a smoke break - the dependence on the human factor and the level of personnel training
  • The multilingual interface provides an opportunity to serve foreign clients - the opportunity to hire less-paid staff, without the knowledge of foreign languages
  • Possibility of demonstration of various advertising and video materials
  • Innovation is a great way to improve the image and stand out against the competition
  • Full integration with the accounting system

Advantages for customers:

  • No need to stand in line or wait until the sales assistant is vacant
  • Detailed information about each product: visualization, availability, price, video reviews
  • The possibility in an intuitively understandable dialogue mode to accurately pick up the necessary characteristics or options of the goods
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface in any language
  • Ability to view reviews of products left by all customers of the trade network, in particular through the Internet

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