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SiteKiosk software for sensory information terminals with public access to the Internet. Huge functionality, an excellent solution for displaying corporate site, online store, also supports the connection and launch of managed applications of third-party applications.

SiteKiosk is an excellent choice for:

  • Kiosks and Internet terminals
  • The company's access to the Internet
  • Internet Cafe Game and trading stations
  • Library computers
  • Computers in schools and colleges
  • City information terminals
  • Ticket booths
  • Advertising displays
  • Computers at exhibitions and shows
  • Banking services on the Internet
  • Client computers in the retail industry

Basic properties of the SiteKiosk browser:

  • Safe and reliable web surfing
  • Protecting your OS from unauthorized access
  • Easily customizable interface design
  • Configuring access restriction on the network (allowed / denied resources)
  • The ability to send e-mails through the built-in e-mail client
  • On-screen keyboard in Russian and English languages (in versions Plus Bundle and Payment Bundle)
  • Securely start external applications
  • The possibility of statistical analysis and reporting (Plus Bundle)
  • Compatibility with a number of payment devices (Payment Bundle)
  • Manage the browser

Main functionality:

  • Browser skins: SiteKiosk includes many different skins for the browser. Each skin can be modified to fit your requirements. The SiteKiosk user interface can be customized to best suit your needs
  • Start page: Set any page as the start page or select one of the included start page templates. The initial page templates allow you to customize them for your needs without additional programming skills
  • Taskbar / Start Menu: The SiteKiosk task bar is based on HTML and can be modified
  • Search Area: Allows you to determine which domains / URLs are allowed to the user for viewing. For example, you can restrict access to your site www.yourCompany.com
  • Favorites: Give users access to your Favorites Download Manager: Downloading data may be restricted or completely prohibited.
  • Blocking pop-ups: SiteKiosk now supports pop-up blockers Printer management: SiteKiosk supports various printing modes: without a dialog box, an IE print dialog box, and a custom
  • Print dialog SiteKiosk Printer Monitoring: Limits the max. to the number of pages that can be added to the queue at a time
  • Sending faxes / Copying: There are multifunction devices that allow you to account for and charge money for copying, faxing or scanning
  • Key Reassignment: Use the included "Keyboard Remapping" program to override any key function
  • File management: SiteKiosk has integrated a file management system that allows you to view or copy downloaded or created files to other media
  • Programs / Games: SiteKiosk allows the integration of programs and games, while allowing the appropriate payment for their use
  • Downloadable skins: Additional browser skins, touchscreen keyboards, and start page templates are available for download from our website
  • Office applications: In SiteKiosk, you can allow the use of Office applications such as Microsoft Office or Open Office for users and accept payment for the time they are used
  • Motion Detection: SiteKiosk supports a variety of sensors that detect whether the terminal is currently in use. As soon as the user moves away from the terminal, the system automatically logs off
  • Protection from children: SiteKiosk provides a child protection filter, including the possibility of updating it. In real time, it tracks websites that are not intended for children and young people or may contain information that is prohibited to them
  • Touch Screen Keyboard: SiteKiosk allows you to program different keyboard layouts for the touch screen. The keyboard can be displayed or hidden in the URL dependency that is opened by the user
  • Telephony via VoIP: SiteKiosk supports the ability to make calls over the Internet (VoIP). To do this, you can use either the widely known Skype service, or any other SIP gateway of your choice. All functions of telephony and SMS sending are paid through specialized payment functions SiteKiosk

Payment for services:

You can take payment not only for the time you use the terminal, but also for printing, recording CD, downloading files, telephony and video mail. Use SiteKiosk Payment Bundle to charge users for printing. Addition: You can set a different price for printing on each of the printers. Allows you to set tariffs for different URLs or domains, for example, to identify sites with free access. With this function, you can set different rates depending on the day of the week and time of day. The payment device can automatically send an e-mail message as soon as a certain number of transactions have been reached. Employees responsible for the collection of funds from the paid terminal are able to send by e-mail the time of collection and restart of the terminal.

Safety Management System:

  • This included service program automatically creates limited
  • Windows user accounts that will help protect your kiosk application from any malicious attacks
  • SiteKiosk does not allow users to access your IE settings
  • User will not be able to reduce or close the browser window without authorization
  • Users are granted access only to applications to which you allow
  • Access to critical system features of the desktop is limite the Windows desktop user interface is replaced with a special SiteKiosk user interface
  • All programs, windows and dialog boxes can be controlled by you and be closed by your team
  • Fullscreen mode allows you to display the content on the whole screen
  • Fullscreen is not available for all URLs

Work cycle tracking:

SiteKiosk will be guaranteed to run automatically when the system starts, using the correct settings. Each time you start the system, the saved Windows user account will be downloaded. You can set a different time off or restart for each day of the week.

Variants of delivery:

  • SiteKiosk Basic Version - browser for kiosk / monitor without touch screen
  • SiteKiosk Plus Bundle - browser for kiosk / monitor, extended version for working with touch screen and virtual keyboard
  • SiteKiosk Payment Bundle - a browser for kiosk / monitor with the ability to accept payments, through bill acceptors, coin acceptors, card readers (magnetic and smart card readers), etc.
  • SiteRemote is an Internet platform for remote administration of a network of kiosks based on SiteKiosk
  • SiteRemote Server - Personal Edition - server platform for remote administration of SiteKiosk site kiosks
  • SiteRemote Server - Business Edition - server platform for remote administration of SiteKiosk site kiosks
  • Official website of PROVISIO: www.provisio.ru


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