Photosystem for Aqua Parks

The automated complex is intended for installation in places of rest and entertainments where the most desirable photos can not be made by own forces. Such places can be: water parks, amusement parks, attractions and other entertainment zones.

In the Incredible Frames system, we use the latest technology to capture the impressions that your guests will want to remember. This ultra-modern system produces pictures in the most unexpected and emotional moment. Professional cameras allow you to take pictures of high quality, and "smart algorithms" clearly capture in the frame of vacationers.

Advantages for business:

  • A new service that responds to the present and the needs of people
  • Additional income for owners
  • Another effective tool to saturate visitors with emotions
  • Printed photo with logos - memory for the client, advertising for business
  • No cost to hired photographers
  • Fully automatic operation of the system, the system itself: photographs, advertises the received photos and sells them and sells them
  • Absolute absence of dependence on the season, weather conditions, human factor
  • Cameras are installed in completely inaccessible places for the average visitor, the frames are unique and can not be repeated by the client himself
  • The ability to create a database of customer e-mail addresses for the subsequent distribution of marketing information
  • Powerful business. Happy customers

Advantages for visitors:

  • Exciting emotions and thrills
  • Possibility to capture unique moments of your rest
  • The system does not miss any clients, which means that even if the customer forgot / did not want to take a photo - he can always print a photo from the archive
  • Ability to select and print photos in self-service mode - guarantee of confidentiality

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