Parking Payment Systems

At night / daily parking lots, the human factor brings a lot of trouble, namely, the contact of guards with money. In view of the fact that car owners tend to come late to the parking lot, it is not possible to provide cashier service, and therefore the parking fee is paid to the guards. Even for a day in the hands of a guard can collect up to several thousand hryvnia, which can not help attracting all kinds of scammers. In order to minimize the risks of fraud and loss of large enough amounts of money, our company developed a software and hardware system for automating payment for parking.

The complex consists of: a payment terminal with touch control and specialized software.

The principle of work is as follows: The client, permanent or diurnal, arrives at the parking lot, the guard points him in the parking lot. After, the customer goes to the parking machine, enters the vehicle data (stamp, number) and the number of days for payment. He makes a payment to a parking machine, receives a double check, one part of which remains to himself, and the second gives the guard instead of money, as a fact of perfect payment.

In this way:

  • There is no need for round-the-clock work of cashiers, which significantly reduces the cost of labor (savings from 5000 UAH per month)
  • Excluded are cases of fraud (theft of accumulated money in the cash desk for parking), resulting in the loss of significant funds
  • The exclusion of guards from the payment plan minimizes the cases when the guard accepts payment for parking, does not contribute this fact to the register of accounts, and paid means by the client – assigns

Conclusions: This hardware-software package pays off in a few months, excluding the human factor in payment schemes and accounting of incoming funds.

Software functions:

  • Payment for car parking in the parking lot
  • Entering the car number
  • Accept payment with payment devices
  • Printing two checks (one for the car owner, another for the guard)
  • The ability to enter the security software
  • Binding paid space to the account of the guard working on the current shift

Software features:

  • Working with payment devices using the CCNET protocol
  • Account data, event logs and work sessions are stored in the FireBird database
  • Availability of software for changing settings and viewing event logs
  • Customizable check patterns
  • Enter text data using the on-screen alphabetic keyboard

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