Hairdressers and beauty salons Electronic administrator and cashier



Software for budget hairdressers Express haircuts and the like. The use of a payment terminal with the delivery of delivery in such mini-salons reduces the costs for the cashier administrator, and also excludes the unfairness of the personnel in the form of performing services without the knowledge of the business owner.

Software functions:

  • Payment for hairdressing services
  • Accept payment with payment devices
  • Print a check
  • Select several services with an individual cost assignment for each
  • Maintaining statistics and sending reports

Software features:

  • Working with payment devices using the CCNET protocol
  • A simple, beautiful graphical user interface with the ability to replace it
  • Logging of the system and detailed sales statistics
  • Presence of admin panel for changing settings, carrying out cash collection and viewing sales statistics
  • The admin panel is called up using a special secret screen password


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