Software for cashier's payment terminal: payment for online store orders, services



Software functions:

  • payment for previously made orders through the Internet, by entering the order number or the customer's name and depositing money into the bill payment acceptance device
  • viewing information on the order (number, customer name, list of goods and services, price, photo of goods, etc.)
  • issue of the delivery of banknotes
  • ssuance of cash on an out-of-pocket cash order, by entering its number
  • check printing

Software features:

  • work with payment devices using the CashFlow protocol
  • work with a dispenser for issuing notes
  • the program is a thin client, that is, the entire database is stored on the server, and the terminal software receives only the requested data
  • communication with the server occurs through a special API of its own design, using the web service and the SOAP protocol
  • User-friendly and stylish graphical user interface
  • logging of the system operation, detailed sales statistics and synchronization of cash balances in payment devices with the server
  • availability of admin panel for changing settings, cash collection and viewing sales statistics
  • the admin panel is called up using a special secret screen password
  • customizable check templates


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