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Specialized AD Media Players Digital Signage. Designed exclusively for promotional purposes, thus have critically required for this function, as well as many unique and useful for the owner and the advertiser. Are supplied in the form of embedded solutions, and in the performance of the corps. All players support the playback to start automatically on power-up and looping playlist. Here you can buy a media player, according to your objectives: basic HD player, with support for image quality up to 720p and playback from a USB or Flash card, FullHD 1080P players for large screens, as well as a network player with downloading content over the Internet with FTP servers through WiFi or 3G. All players keep statistics on ad impressions. Since AD ​​Players designed exclusively for promotional purposes - you get the minimum cost for maximum functionality.

Basic advertising player FullHD SK-AD.DS.HD
(works with SD Card / USB, for 4: 3 and 16: 9 screens of any diagonal with resolution up to FullHD)

Main functions:

  • Auto power on and start playback on power up
  • Cyclic playback of files: VIDEO, PHOTO, MUSIC
  • Remembering where to stop playing
  • Media Type: USB, SD Card (FAT32, NTFS)
  • Outputs: VGA (RGB), HDMI, OPTICAL, analog Audio/Video(YpbPr)
  • Supported resolutions: 480I, 480P, 720P, 1080P (up to FullHD)
  • Video Formats: RMVB/RM(RV8/9), H.263, h.264(MOV/MP4/M4V), MPEG-1/2(VOB), MPEG-4(XVID/DIVX), WMV7/VC-1, MKV, AVI, ц/ТП, VOB, PMP, FLV
  • Video proportions: 4:3, 16:9
  • Audio Formats: MP3, WMA, AFE, FLAC, OGG, APE, AAC, AC3 и DTS
  • Photo formats: JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG
  • Multi-language support for MENU (including Russian / English)
  • Supply voltage and power: AC220V or DC5V (2A), up to 10W

Advertising network LAN / WiFi players FullHD with network management: SK-AD.DS.ADV (LAN) and SK-AD.DS.PRO (LAN / WAN)
(online content management with Internet / Etharnet, also directly from USB)

1. General specifications






A83T , Octa-Core(6 ядер), frequency 2GHz

ВнПамять/Internal Memory


Диск/Built-in Memory

EMMC 4/8/16/32G(optional)

Built-in ROM



Definition Maximum support 1080P

Режимы воспроизведения/Play Mode

Support loop, timing, inter-cut and variable play modes


Above Android 4.X

Сеть/Network Support

3G, Ethernet, WiFi/bluetooth 4.0,  wireless peripheral extension

Видео форматы/Video Playing

Support wmv, avi, flv, rm, rmvb, mpeg, ts, mp4 etc.

Графич.форматы/Image Format


USB2.0 Ports

2 USB HOST, 4 USB ports

Serial Ports

3 serial ports


External GPS (optional)


Built-in WIFI, BT4.0 (optional)


Built-in WCDMA, EVDO, 4G NetMosa, support voice call


10M/100M self-adapting Ethernet

SD card

Support SD card

LVDS output

1 single/dual channel, can drive 50/60Hz LCD panel directly

HDMI Output

1, support 1080P

Audio And Video Output

Support left and right channels output, built-in dual 4R/20W,8R/10W amplifier

RTC Real Time Clock


Timing Switch


System Upgrade

Support local SD, USB upgrade

2. Features

  • Powerful 6-core processor allows not only to display FullHD video content, but also to form multi-stream simultaneous broadcast of different content on one screen
  • HDMI / VGA / AV interfaces for connecting displays with up to 1080p resolution
  • Supports LAN, WiFi and 3G networks, also offline
  • Implemented work with a content management system, building projects of any scale.
  • Ability to launch multiple playlists on a schedule, with smooth transitions between video and images, full-screen and split screens.
  • Supports background music when displaying HD images
  • Supports display of ticker, date, time, weather and LOGO
  • With an intelligent schedule, content can be played in a loop, at a specified time or in standby mode, or with instant content delivery.
  • Support network time and sync playback
  • Content can be updated remotely, imported from a card or read directly from USB
  • Player control: adjust the playback volume, change the display screen, reboot, sleep or alarm - can be performed remotely with one click
  • Playback and operation logs are recorded and uploaded to the control system.
  • Automatic on / off timer for several periods provides automatic operation
  • Both vertical and horizontal displays are supported.
  • Support for split-screen zones for web access and touchscreen zones
  • Multi-touch touchscreen support

3. Application options
Software WAN (cloud management via WEB interface)

To manage a large-scale project, it is recommended to use WAN (cloud) software for compiling programs and distributing player content via a network or USB drive.

Touch WAN Solution Option
Use our WAN solution to create a touch application for a touch screen, tablet or information kiosk.

LAN application
For building small networks, it is recommended to use software for a local network and for compiling programs. Programs can be distributed between players via a network or USB disk. This is especially useful for meeting notifications.

For autonomous solutions
For places where there is no Internet, it is better to use standalone content editing software and use USB to update your device.



Добрый день.
Покупал 3 плеера по 60 долларов, в базовой комплектации.
Из плюсов - действительно всё удобно сделано, работает уже долго, без проблем. Управлять тоже очень удобно.

Из минусов - очень плохо работал разъём аудио, пришлось его выпаивать и напрямую припаивать провода колонки.

В целом - отличный вариант цена\качество.

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