Self-service betting terminal



The payment terminal for betting (betting machine) is designed to accept bets on sports and other events. Due to the lack of personnel and small dimensions, the betting terminal greatly reduces the cost of operating the point of acceptance of bets. It has an attractive design, an informative and user-friendly interface, and can also broadcast sports events on a second monitor.

"Betting machine" or betting terminal are special touch-screen kiosks with a payment function designed to accept bets. They significantly increase the speed and quality of services provided in bookmakers. Instead of standing in line at the betting counter, the customer can use the terminal service to place a sports bet. The main feature of such devices – the ability to customize both the interface and functionality for the specifics of a particular customer office.

The benefits of this equipment go beyond the speed and ease of the bidding process. They also significantly increase the number of bets. A number of special features contribute to this:

  • Single/double screen. To The number of monitors can be selected based on the size of the room where they will be installed and the expected flow of visitors. If the second screen is free, then it can still be used, for example, to display ads.
  • Live Center. The terminal can also be used to display highlights of sports events that are being bet on. This allows you to increase the excitement and user engagement.
  • Live Streaming. In addition to demonstrating key events, there is also the option of live streaming. Unlike direct online screenings on typical monitors, this also allows you to read game statistics and make adjustments to your bets. This works well with dual screens, as one can show the broadcast and the other – related data.
  • Generic control. Since betting machines are designed for self-service, you can connect different types of control devices to them: mechanical or touch keyboard, mouse, etc.

Benefits for investment

The bookmaker receives a number of benefits from the use of such professional digital equipment, increasing the efficiency of the use of invested funds:

  • Reducing staff and costs;
  • Prevent fraud by storing and controlling session data;
  • Increases the frequency of operations by simplifying and speeding them up;
  • Work around the clock without breaks and days off;
  • Increase loyalty through personalized sessions (when using an account).

Increasing comfort for the client is an important factor. No need to stand in queues, interact with people who may make a mistake or behave incorrectly, as well as the availability of digital services for monitoring the game and analytics – all this makes the process of betting the most simple and friendly. Namely, this approach guarantees a repeated appeal to the services of the company.


Betting machines reduce the cost of running a bookmaker's office, while allowing you to increase the number of customers and the frequency of their visits. The purchase or rental of self-service terminals is necessary for sports betting.


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