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The electronic cash-in payment terminal - it is a hardware-software complex that completely replaces the cashier with a live cashier. The electronic cashier has ceased to be a tribute to fashion from the future - it has become a harsh necessity in life! Our company has its own design department and full cycle production, as well as a staff of experienced programmers of various profiles - all this is extremely necessary for solving different types of problems of any complexity in the automation of receiving payments from customers and the public.

What can self-service cash-in terminal?
• Accept payment in cash of banknotes and coins of any denominations
• Accept foreign currency, to perform a currency exchange operation or to replenish a foreign currency account
• To issue cash or banknotes in cash in cash
• There is a possibility to accept and give out cash in a bundle, and not just to buy
• Store money in a special safe deposit box, up to the class A1
• Check all bills and coins for authenticity immediately during the operation
• Accept payment by non-cash cards with magnetic stripe, chip and even PayPass, including payment systems supported: ApplePay, GooglePay
• Print a check about the operation
• Issue a fiscal receipt, in case of legal necessity, and also automatically send fiscal data to the fiscal service
• Conduct a photo or video of a customer's account when performing a payment transaction
• Read barcodes from documents and even screens of mobile devices for uploading data or authorizing
• Read and write contactless cards of any type: MiFare, Em-Marine, NFC for identification and internal payment transactions
• Broadcast advertising and service information on an additional monitor
• To exchange data on transactions with accounting databases (1C, Oracle, etc.) and ACS in real time (online)
• Send SMS with notifications, for confirmation of operation, identification, etc.

Where payment terminals are used cashiers:
• Banks and financial institutions
• Pawnshops and credit services
• Medical, educational and government institutions
• Museums, theaters, cinemas and other cultural institutions
• Amusement parks, water parks
• Parking lots, car washes and self-service washers
• Service centers, as well as Technical Service Stations (SRTs)
• Retail stores, online stores, other trade organizations
• And many, many others

Benefits for business when investing in automatic cash desks:
• An effective solution for queuing
• Significant reduction in personnel costs: terminals do not need to pay salaries, they do not go on leave and the hospital does not take
• Also, the robot (terminal) is not mistaken, will not ruffle and will not go to a smoke break: the dependence on the human factor and the level of personnel training is excluded
• The risks are reduced when handling and storing cash, fraud is excluded
• All operations are clearly recorded and recorded, which eliminates the concealment of operations by unscrupulous employees and reduces the occurrence of conflict situations with customers
• The process of collection is becoming more simple, and thus more economical
• Availability of fiscal registrar reduces costs for cash register and its maintenance
• The place occupied is several times smaller than the cashier with a live cashier
• The multilingual interface provides an opportunity to serve foreign customers, which in turn again provides the opportunity to hire less-paid personnel, without the knowledge of foreign languages
• There is an opportunity to offer additional services and goods through the terminal interface, which increases the profitability of operation
• At any time there is accurate information about the amount of revenue

Benefits for the customers themselves:
• No need to stand in line
• Reduced time spent waiting for an order
• Intuitive and user-friendly interface in any language
• The fascination of the interactive process
• The opportunity to be alone with yourself, even in such a crowded place

Without a twinge of conscience we assert that we are the best in this segment and we can be entrusted with any of your tasks!



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