Touch Kiosk for self-ordering from cars in fast food Drive Thru



Touch kiosk for orders from cars in fast food Drive Thru. Specially designed for outdoor use. Distinctive features: portrait-oriented screen, located at a height convenient for the driver; thermal printer; metal button for personnel call or voice communication; camcorder for live communication with the seller; microphone and speakers.

Traditional ordering of dishes in restaurants fast food fast food through the window, directly to the seller - gradually supplant new digital technology. Now the customers of the food drives have access to the Drive Thru sensor kiosks, thanks to which you can order and pay for the desired dish quickly and without tedious queues. These street self-service terminals greatly simplify the work of operators and make the service more comfortable for customers. Consider the main advantages of the Drive Thru sensor kiosks, but there are not a few of them:

  1. Full automation of the order process. The client, without leaving the car, takes a few clicks on the screen, chooses a dish, has time to get acquainted with its composition, as well as offering drinks and snacks to taste it.
  2. Significant time savings. Regular customers do not need to repeat the same favorite dishes. The machine stores in its memory data about the previous orders of the buyer, identifying the customer by: the number of the bank card, mobile phone and even a person or car number!
  3. Maximum accuracy and efficiency. When working with the touch kiosk, any inaccuracies and errors are excluded: the device gives accurate information about the order itself, details and cost. As you know, a tired cashier for a day can make a mistake in the calculations or confuse this or that ingredient when ordering, and the machine always works clearly and quickly.
  4. Financial benefits for cafes. Some dishes are automatically offered: drinks, sauces and other ingredients for an extra charge, because the cafe receives additional benefits on a mandatory basis, rather than on the mood of the staff.
  5. Savings in terms of hiring staff. One such device replaces several sellers and cashiers, as well as does not require training for admission to work and time for internships. Also, the owners of cafes do not need to equip a new workplace and worry about the social package - the machine clearly and without interruptions for troubles fulfills its tasks and works without claims to the leadership!

Customer feedback on touch-based kiosks Drive Thtu speak for themselves: people appreciated the maximum accuracy of the machine, as well as the speed and promptness of the order, which is especially important in a dynamic city life. Now you can order a lunch in a matter of seconds without fear of being late for work, and a clever device knows in advance your culinary preferences.

Terminals are equipped with new, up-to-date PCs. Technical characteristics can be agreed with the Customer.
Thermal printer Custom TG2480, 80mm
Thermal printer Custom VKP-80, 80mm
Barcode scanner optical 1D, 2D, QR (reads from LCD)
RFID, NFC reader
Magnetic card reader
Antivandal metal keyboard 66 buttons with trackball
Classic keyboard in metal case
Additional advertising monitor from 17" and above


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