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Information terminal of floor design, in an elegant and ultra-slim body (thickness 100mm). The main feature is the presence on the body of a luminous advertising lightbox, which, if desired, can be replaced with a vertical advertising monitor.

A touch information kiosk is a modern and convenient method of interacting with people in public places. Infokiosk is a personal computer and a protected touchscreen, installed in a reliable, vandal-resistant metal cabinet of floor or wall design. Such a solution allows the information terminal to be operated in any public place, both indoors and outdoors. At the same time, it provides usability of interaction through an intuitive touch interface, and also ensuring stability to the impact of external factors, including human factors.

Main functions:

  • providing access to reference information, a catalog of goods in a store, a warehouse, etc.
  • ensuring interaction of citizens and state bodies
  • input of personal data, contact and other information
  • providing access to the Internet, working with e-mail and documents
  • educational process and developmental applications
  • demonstration of commercials and presentations
  • and much more

Advantages of our kiosks:

  • stylish ergonomic design
  • the widest functionality and versatility
  • quality and only new materials and components
  • Flexible configuration for customer needs

Application areas:

  • State institutions: executive committees, courts, service centers of the population? infrastructure facilities
  • Educational institutions: kindergartens, schools, universities
  • Health institutions: polyclinics, hospitals, dentists, pharmacies, boarding houses
  • Cultural institutions: museums, galleries, exhibitions, theaters
  • Shopping and entertainment centers, hypermarkets, other trade organizations
  • Banking institutions, insurance companies
  • Transport hubs: railway stations, airports
  • HoReCa: hotels, cafes, restaurants, bars
  • Business: car dealerships, travel agencies, fitness centers, real estate agencies

Change of design, software development, training, affiliate program

Terminals are equipped with new, up-to-date PCs. Technical characteristics can be agreed with the Customer.
Thermal printer Custom TG2480, 80mm
Thermal printer Custom VKP-80, 80mm
Barcode scanner optical 1D, 2D, QR (reads from LCD)
RFID, NFC reader
Magnetic card reader
Antivandal metal keyboard 66 buttons with trackball
Classic keyboard in metal case
Additional advertising monitor from 17" and above


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