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Automatic photobooth designed to print instant photos on documents and entertainment photos. Excellent, highly profitable kind of entertaining and vending business. All photo formats for documents, an abundance of entertainment functions, a unique option MIRROR CURVES, built on the video stream, autonomy, monitoring, street versions.

Utomatic photobooths intended for the manufacture of passport photo and entertainment photos. Equipped with a camera, printers, bill acceptor, receipt printer (optional), aesthetic body with a luminous light boxes. Body cabin is very easy assembled and disassembled for easy transport and placement change.

SEASONAL SALE !!! photobooths on 2900$ !!!

Buying photobooths now you get:

  1. a discount of $ 200 - is already included;
  2. free assembly, installation, introductory training (including the rules of conduct of the business);
  3. free options: print from flash memory cards and bluetooth, feature "Back to USSR";
  4. The right to a free license of unique functions "distorting mirror" (separate cost: 2000 UAH.);
  5. free remote monitoring system based on 3G;

All of these bonuses increase profitability booths 30-50% compared with the possible analogy!

Do not miss your chance to buy photobooths TODAY!

The company "Touch-screen kiosks" offers you automatic photobooths, as it is called FOTOBUDKA, for snapshots (for documents + photo + video entertainment function "distorting mirror").

we produce fototerminal operates autonomously, without human intervention, instantly makes shooting and print color photos in seconds.

For large rooms (more noticeable dimensions: 2200h1700h750 mm., 1.3 square meters):

For a small space (save rent, size: 2200h1330h750 mm., 0.99 sq.m.):

To date, our company produces a third basic type photobooths:

  1. Booth space is large, occupies 1.3 square meters.
  2. Cabin for a small space, occupies 0.99 sq.
  3. Cabin for the street, made of sheet metal, treated at high-tech manufacturing, is a 1-m.

The ability to use booths for premises in the street!
(spa towns, parks, playgrounds)

Dear customers! Are pleased to inform you that our cabin for the summer season can be installed on the street! To this end, our company has developed a special roof / canopy, protective cover, and provide mobility by installing cabins on wheels. Now you can siting cabin in the open air, and in the case of heavy rains clasp Case cab or roll under the canopy.

Inside the cabin there is equipment for instant photography. Due to the high quality camera makes photography cabin bright and colorful, with a maximum resolution 9Mp. Auto Focus customize the process of shooting and adjusts the focus lens that allows you to not worry about the blurry photograph. Top, mounted on the roof of the booth advertising light box bearing the advertising function. Management photobooths conducted via touch monitor that gives the undeniable advantages such as: a visual representation of future results shooting on the big screen, the available menus informative, easy touch control, control cabin, by pressing your finger right on the screen.

Please note the important advantages of our photobooths, in comparison with analogues:

1. Functionality of the cab for the client:

  • see themselves on the screen before shooting and during shooting.
  • Preview the photo with the possibility perefotografirovat.
  • Select the size and color, or entertaining documentary photos.
  • Take advantage of the presence in photobooths voice prompts and animation.

2. Software:

In contrast to all existing proposals on the Ukrainian market, our cabins come with its own software, which makes such obvious advantages to our customers as:

  • Beautiful, intuitive management interface.
  • The ability to respond quickly to finalize the software, as well as equipping it with new features.
  • Ability to connect through the Ukrainian system of monitoring machines, which is already on the creation of our employees.

3. Adjustable options photobooths Owner:

  • Add templates for entertainment photos.
  • Add attempts perefotografirovat.
  • Add or program size photos to documents, insert cards and arbitrarily remove time before shooting.
  • Set the number of photos, and more

Predefined templates (about 200 pcs.):

* - IMPORTANT! Only we have implemented the most convenient feature of adding templates on their own. The cabin itself will: theme bookmarks, small preview files, and an opportunity to position and future smasshtabirovat photo visitor, so that later, it is automatically inserted in the template in place. This simplifies the cab and reduces the time of the client in it that allows you to serve more amount of supplying customers, and thus get more income and!

4. Autonomy

Photobooths operates autonomously, without human intervention. All images are printed on photo paper 10x15 cm. Photobooths Service conducted at intervals of 3 to 5 times a week, depending on attendance.

Thanks to the UPS (uninterruptible power supply) photobooths resistant to voltage drops, and also has the function automated disaster recovery, after a long power outage.

5. Specifications:

PC - System unit on a platform of Intel (industrial type, passive cooling, dustproof)

  1. memory module 2048Mb
  2. Hard Drive 250GB
  3. 2W speakers
  4. Touch Monitor vandallozaschischenny, 6mm, surfactants, 17 ", 1280 × 1024
  5. Key switch electrical
  6. Photo Printer - Canon PIXMA Photo Printer or Epson (40 fotolistov, borderless printing, separate ink cartridges, 20c)
  7. Receipt Printer - Thermal Custom 56mm (optional)
  8. tracking engine cab - 3G or GPRS (sending reports on the operation, as well as SMS crash, is standard)
  9. Kupyurnik - Kupjuropriemnik ITL NV9 (cassette 600 bills)
  10. Photo - video camera with optics Carl Zeiss (only with this function is available "distorting mirror" )
  11. case - according to the selected terminal body modification

Advertising Lightbox

* - can be replaced on the camera Canon PowerShot SX110 IS (not recommended)

* - the possibility of replacing dye-sublimation printer (fine quality, consumable supply up to 600 sheets, the highest fault tolerance)

6. Transformation and mobility.

Photobooths comes fully configured with the equipment in a partially disassembled or completely assembly, which saves money on delivery and facilitates drift into the room and installation. Two people - not professional to assemble the cabin a maximum of an hour.

7. Cost of services:

Cost of services consists of the following components: the cost of paper and the cost of ink cartridges / ink (per client.). Print photos to documents, using glossy paper 10x15 cm., A density of 230 g / m3 and 5-Th cartridges. The cost of this paper is in Ukraine - 200 UAH. 500 sheets per pack, ie 0.40 USD. per sheet, and the cartridge 9 ml capacity. ~ 65 USD. apiece. Average yield one set of cartridges ~ 150 photos. Since our cabin at the base are equipped with high-quality supply of continuous ink supply system, the cost is much lower chernilbudet, namely the cost of ink, with a capacity of 180 ml. = 30 UAH. And this: 180/9 = 20 cartridges resources, ie CISS ink set for print 150h20 = 3000 photos. Since a 5-Th colors, ink set will cost: 30h5 = 150 grn.Sebestoimost one copy: 150/3000 = 0.05 UAH.

Even if roughly round, the cost of one photo will be: 0.40 + 0.10 = 0.50 UAH.

Payback photobooths: Warning! The following calculation subjective, because Your real income depends on your entrepreneurial skills.

  • The average permeability of people through your photobooths a day - about 20 people.
  • The average cost of a manufactured photobooths photos - 20 UAH.
  • Total revenue for the month: 20 x 20 UAH. for photo x 30 days a month = 12,000 USD.
  • Costs of consumables: 600h0.50 = -300 UAH.
  • Rent 1.3 sq / m average: ~ 1000 UAH.

The average income may be: ~ 10,000 USD.

The payback period of 4 to 6 months. taking into account the supplies.

8. Accommodation options photobooths:

  • shopping and office centers
  • entertainment centers
  • railway stations
  • airports and air terminals
  • HR departments
  • departments to issue visas and registrations

9. Cost:

Cost photobooths for rooms: Promotional: 2900$

Cost photobooths Outdoor (entirely of metal, with shutters, climate control heating, etc.): Promotional: 3900$

- replacement printer for sublimation MITSUBISHI (photo does not fade, the stock one set of consumables to 700 shots, more resistant to failure in the work): +1600$

* - photobooths optional functions can be supplemented by (a promotional all there!):

  1. receipt of payments for mobile communication, Internet, etc.: +1000.00 UAH.
  2. b) printing photographs with USB / Memory Card / Bluetooth: +1000.00 UAH.
  3. a) a unique entertainment option "distorting mirror", see the operating principle in the description of the machine "distorting mirror": +2000.00 UAH.

Remember! Cooperating with our company, you guarantee yourself:

  1. professional approach;
  2. quality service;
  3. guarantee of stability;
  4. continuous development and improvement of our products.
  1. Replacing printer sublimation
  2. Replacing the camera to thу web camera
  3. Thermal Custom TG2460, 56mm


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