Self-service system for sending cargo in postal and courier services

Cargo terminals of self-service are the newest interactive equipment developed by our specialists for postal services. The terminal is a device designed to automate the process of sending parcels and correspondence, performs the functions of: registration, preparation and payment of a parcel or envelope. This solution significantly reduces waiting time for consignors in the queue.

Customers are given the opportunity to independently issue their cargo, without the operator's participation and to transfer the parcel to the warehouse. All this significantly relieves staff, saves money for wages and pleases clients. Terminals make mail more interactive and finally convenient for customers.

Advantages for the service:

  • Effective solution to combat queues
  • Significant reduction in personnel costs - terminals do not need to pay salaries, they do not go on holidays and the hospital does not take
  • The robot (terminal) is not mistaken, will not ruffle and will not leave for a smoke break - the dependence on the human factor and the level of personnel training
  • The multilingual interface gives the opportunity to serve foreign clients - the opportunity to hire less-paid personnel, without the knowledge of foreign languages.
  • Customers become accustomed to the process of self-delusion, which creates additional grounds for a more rapid development of the network of points of service
  • Opportunity to demonstrate various promotional materials, promotions and special offers Innovation is a great way to improve the image and stand out against the competition
  • Self-service terminals are especially relevant for servicing regular customers, especially small and medium-sized businesses, whose representatives consistently send loads to different regions, performing the same trivial tasks day in and day out. In such cases, an employee of the postal service unjustifiably loses time, which he could devote to less knowledgeable and new clients
  • Full integration with the accounting system of the delivery service, all data: about the sender / receiver, tariff, etc. are formed automatically, do not require duplication of actions

Advantages for customers:

  • No need to queue
  • Reduces the time for the preparation and sending of parcels and correspondence
  • By means of the terminal the client can independently determine the weight and dimensions of the cargo, and also calculate the cost of their delivery
  • The input data for sending is completely confidential, as it is not required to sound them out loud when processing the cargo
  • The fascination of the interactive process

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