3D visualization of real estate on touch tables

No investor wants to buy a cat in a bag. The owner of the future real estate wants to see as accurately as possible how the finished object will look like (interior and exterior of houses, apartments). A detailed acquaintance with the visualization of the object, layouts, examples of interior designs and furniture placement gives the investor confidence and allows him to quickly make a decision about the investment. Therefore, developers spend unbelievable efforts and funds on the preparation of marketing materials. A modern, effective, visual, and even provoking "wow" effect by demonstrating a future object is detailed 3D visualization, which is demonstrated interactively on large touch screens. In the process of interaction with the building object on a touch table or a screen with specialized software, a potential investor can “walk” along an object that does not yet exist: inspect the building from all sides, look around the panoramic views, examine the infrastructure, enter his future apartment and even visualize its repair in various styles.


  • Cheaper architectural layout
  • No need to redo in the event of a new residential complex. Enough to download information
  • Effective advertising media
  • Innovative information tool. Effective and clear presentation of information, transmission of actions, special offers, etc.
  • With the help of visualization, you can answer all the questions of investors visibility projects. To see a residential complex at the construction stage. Thus, it is faster to attract a buyer for your object. This is a great sales tool
  • Customers can use visualization to assess in detail the merits of their future home, cottage or any other room. Future apartment owners can walk through the virtual alleys and not just look around the corner, but make a complete detour around all the buildings around. This makes it possible to feel how organically the architecture fits into a particular landscape
  • An interesting entertainment facility. Innovative information tool. Efficient and clear presentation of information

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