Content Management System “Self-Service Solution” is software that runs in your browser. It allows you to create, manage and modify content on the device and its contents, without having any programming knowledge. Content Management System provides you with a graphical user interface. In it, you can manage all aspects of your device. You can create and edit content, add images and videos, programs, as well as customize the overall design of the output content. In this guide, we will explain what “Self-Service Solution” is in as much detail as possible.

How does Self-Service Solution work?

Without Self-Service Solution, you would have to use different programming languages ​​to create the program. (content creation and management) You would also need to upload content to the server manually. A modern web site consists of two main parts: the front end and the back end. The external interface is the part that your visitors see on the monitor screen: images, videos, “About us” and “Contacts” pages, forms for mailings, etc. The text part is displayed as a running or static line, and the design is added with using the built-in editor.

The server part consists of a database and website functionality. Content is stored in the database and transferred from the internal interface to the external, when the user requests a screenshot, then instantly receives it. Internal functionality can be written in different programming languages, such as PHP, Python, JavaScript, and others.

If you use our development, you do not need to write any external or internal code. What is a “Self-Service Solution”? This is a handy application that runs in your web browser. The content management system allows you to use the content editor to create: programs, pages, contextual advertising, video, photos, documents and other things and place all your content on the device remotely. You can also customize your settings with drop-down menus, checkboxes, and other controls.

With us you do not need to download content manually, as it controls the whole process for you. When your content is ready, you simply click the “Publish” button, and it appears on the device in the shortest time possible.


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