Self Check-In kiosk terminal software



Software for self-check-in terminals at hotels and hostels at Hotel Self Check-In. This software is intended for installation on specialized terminals, which partially or completely replace administrators at reception hotels. The functionality of the software allows the client in the self-service mode: to settle, move out, pay for accommodation and much more, which significantly reduces staff costs for owners.

Self check-in terminals at a hotel or hostel Hotel Self Check-In are used in the following cases:

Application No. 1

The most popular and cost-effective is the use of these terminals in a comprehensive solution for the construction of automated mini-hotels or hostels without an administrator. Thus, the hotel or hostel is fully automated, does not require the constant presence of staff, and a cleaning service can be provided by several hotels at once. This solution is based on a multifunctional terminal connected to the reservation and room accounting system, able to work with visitor’s documents, issue access keys to numbers, and also allows you to accept payments in any way: in cash or by credit card.

Application No. 2

Less popular, but no less useful is the use of independent settlement terminals in large hotels with a large flow of customers. By installing terminals, you can increase the speed and quality of customer service without the need to increase the number of live personnel at the reception.

In both cases, the terminal of independent settlement and eviction significantly reduces personnel costs: from 1000 to 3000 Euro per month!

Advantages of working with Hotel Self Check-In:

  • Security for customers. The device will check the passport for authenticity and verify the identity with the photo. Using photo scanning, data recognition takes 5 seconds.
  • Any method of payment. Cash is accepted, if necessary, the device issues change. You can pay by credit card, including the contactless PayPass system (Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc.)
  • The costs of collection procedures when using the Hotel Self Check-In can be reduced by using a recycling system for issuing bills.
  • The device is compatible with all types of software that are installed in hotels.
  • Upon eviction, guests simply return a key card to the terminal - the eviction procedure takes no more than a minute.
  • To connect the device you only need an outlet and cable for the Internet.

When using the terminal, you can get the following benefits:

  • In small hotels and hostels, administrators can be completely replaced with the Hotel Self Check-In terminal, while the device will work 24/7.
  • In large hotels, instead of hiring new administrators, you can install a terminal and not pay a person’s monthly salary.
  • The acquisition of the most expensive version of the terminal will cost 9000 Euros. Maintenance of such a terminal will cost 600 Euro per year.
  • If you hire an administrator to perform the same function as the terminal, you will need to pay for his work every month, along with vacation, sick leave and contributions to the funds. Thus, one employee will cost from 12,000 to 24,000 Euro per year. These figures show that the terminal pays off in less than 1 year, while it will work in 3 shifts!

The Hotel Self Check-In check-out terminal has the following technical features:

  • 19 ”touch screen for convenient operation.
  • Scanning and recognition of passport data.
  • HD camera for photographing the client.
  • Reconciliation of the received photo of the client with the photo in the passport.
  • Checking the customer's phone number using the confirmation code.
  • It is possible to print a contract.
  • Electronic signature of the contract is allowed.
  • The data of visitors is not stored on the terminal.
  • Device for issuing, receiving and programming key cards for access to the number and office premises.
  • Banknote payment acceptance device (bill acceptor) with change delivery function.
  • Coin acceptor with a coin dispensing function.
  • Bank POS terminal for card payments.
  • PayPass contactless payment device.
  • Receipt printer with fiscal registrar.


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