Payment terminal SK-P.P4 (cashiers, piece goods, bank)



A universal payment terminal, which has no analogues in Ukraine due to the balance of aesthetic appearance and universal capacity, which allows to install overall components of the most diverse and specialized applications. Possible options: laser printer A4, dispenser for dispensing piece goods, ticket printer, accepting notes from a bundle, etc.

Universal payment terminal, which has no analogues in Ukraine on the balance of aesthetic appearance and versatile spaciousness, allows you to set the overall components of the most diverse and specialized applications. Based on this platform, already available or ready to be released following the modification of the terminal:

  1. with built-productive A4 laser printer that supports duplex printing;
  2. with built-in dispenser for dispensing / sale of piece goods, such as: mobile phone bags, RFID keys (sports complexes, water parks, etc.), hygiene products, gift certificates, etc.;
  3. with ticket printer;
  4. with the dispenser;
  5. with bill acceptor large capacity and receiving bills from the stack...
  6. and many others, according to your wishes...

The purpose of this development, a completely new terminal had many problems of high complexity faced by our company, which required a completely new, but very universal platform to address them... and that it was created! An important feature of this terminal is its aesthetic appearance, similar to our popular information kiosk. Externally not even noticeable for its slender execution, all that roominess, which gives the terminal.

Below is a list of already made modifications terminal, which refer to the photo gallery:

  1. bank terminal with ticket sales, magnetic card reader, PIN keyboard, barcode scanner;
  2. with a laser printer A4 and mechanical keyboard;
  3. with dispenser issuance piece goods and glowing logo manageable;
  4. unique banking terminal type combines: banknote with taking notes from the pack, 2-rated dispenser dispenser, bag large capacity storage bills.

Below the terminal with videos dispenser piece goods issue (start packets) as well as a terminal device receiving the banknotes from the stack:

Metal case, floor, covered by high-quality powdered polymer
Contrast LCD display (size by model)
Touch screen SAW, IR, Multitouch
PC Intel Dual Core /RAM 4Gb /SSD (discussed)
Thermal printer Custom TG2480, VKP80, 80мм
Billacceptor Cashcode MVU, MSM, MEI Advance (касета 1000-1200)
Ethernet, 3G
Stereo Speakers 2W


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