Terminal cashier + software for online store

The online store sells accessories for mobile phones.

Task: complete replacement of the cashier with the function of issuing funds for the purchase and salaries.


Since the client needed a full replacement of the cashier, and in particular the issuance of funds for internal expenses: the purchase of goods and the payment of salaries. In the main office (also the point of issue of orders), a cashier terminal was installed, software with individual capabilities was developed:

  • accepting payment for orders;
  • delivery of change;
  • printing of receipts;
  • receiving money from couriers (for delivery);
  • remotely controlled access lock to fin. means;
  • issuance of funds for expenses: purchase of goods and salaries to employees;
  • integration with the accounting system;

Result: full replacement of the cashier, monthly savings, elimination of employee dishonesty.

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