Visitor registration system at exhibitions (forums, trainings, thematic meetings)

Exhibitions, forums, trainings, thematic meetings are events that are attended by a large number of people. Often one can observe huge queues at registration counters, where visitors are trying to fill in registration forms with each other’s head, one of them lacking space, others have pens, and still others wait in line for the organizer's personnel who do not go with so many people. Guests are nervous, tired and annoyed, and the staff looks like a drop of sweat. We offer you a modern solution designed to significantly simplify and speed up the filling of registration data by visitors, as well as to automate the issuance of a participant's badge, which greatly increases the comfort for visitors and significantly unloads and even reduces the staff of the organizer. The solution is an array of informational touch kiosks, with installed specialized software and associated with the central database. Using the convenient touch input, a visitor can: enter their personal data and answer thematic questions, then get a badge badge and proceed to the event. Thus, our system allows the organizers to reduce the number of staff, and therefore save money, and make visitors happy!


Why is this necessary ?!


Practical studies show that self-service systems are the future. Benefits from the introduction and use of get everything, and places and visitors:




  • Shorten queues and speed up registration process

  • Significant reduction in staff costs

  • The robot (terminal) will not be mistaken, will not be rude and will not go on a smoke break - this will exclude dependence on the human factor and the level of personnel training

  • Multilingual interface allows you to register foreign customers

  • Access control system for participants. The ability to obtain data on the movement of participants in the event (operational collection of information on the number of registered and directly visited the exhibition)

  • Issuance of personal badges in automatic mode

  • Broadcast advertising sponsors and participants

  • Innovation is a great way to enhance the company's image.



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