Electronic menu and entertainment in touch tables for cafes, bars, restaurants

Currently, in order to be a competitive public catering institution, it is not enough to have high-quality and tasty food, excellent service and a pleasant interior, it is also important to pay special attention to technical innovations that enhance the company's image.

The electronic menu is an interactive system of orders that allows a guest to quickly and easily get acquainted with the offered assortment of dishes and drinks, and at any time without the participation of the waiter to make an order or request an account.

The electronic menu has an intuitive interface, you can add photos of dishes and drinks in the menu, which allows guests to quickly find the menu of the guests' interests in the menu, due to the photo quickly determine the choice, the owners of the institution - to increase the amount of the average check. Accurate and prompt execution of orders excludes waiter errors and speeds up maintenance of tables. The possibility of placing advertising in the menu is an effective source of substantial income.

The introduction of the electronic menu takes care of the guests of the establishment to a qualitatively new technical level, attracts new customers, helps owners not only to save, but also to earn.

  • The multilingual interface provides an opportunity to serve foreign clients - the opportunity to hire less-paid staff, without the knowledge of foreign languages
  • The best visibility of the menu and detail in the description of dishes stimulates to order more
  • Access to games and entertainment
  • Opportunity to demonstrate various promotional materials, promotions and special offers
  • Innovation is a great way to improve the image and stand out against the competition
  • Full integration with the accounting system
  • Collecting statistics on customer actions allows you to conduct marketing analytics

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