Software functions: 

  • buying and printing tickets to the cinema
  • possibility of choosing seats on the cinematic
  • scheme printing of previously purchased or
  • booked tickets payment in various ways:
  • cash in the possibility of obtaining change by credit card
  • Special bonuses that are credited to the customer number entrance to the client's personal area:
  • by reading the barcode from the client card/ by entering the customer number playback trailers for movies on the top display printing of payment checks administration of the network of kiosks through the administrator's software, which allows:
  • work under different accounts with different rights customize the settings of kiosks view the current status of kiosk equipment view money transactions set trailer playlists print out tickets react to alarming rules

Software features:

convenient and stylish graphic interface, designed by Lebedev Studio use multitouch gestures in the user interface work with payment devices using the CashFlow protocol work with a dispenser for issuing bills work with a fiscal registrar work with a terminal for reading bank cards working with a barcode scanner the presence of an admin panel in the kiosk software for cash collection admin panel is called with a special secret screen password customizable check patterns popular video playback

Kiosk software is a thin client work with external cinema API using HTTP requests API responses are stored in XML format work with an internal API of its own design, located on the server and allowing you to manage the network of kiosks internal API works on the basis of TCP / IP requests availability of internal MS SQL database located on the server sending SMS via GSM modem maintenance of maximally detailed logs for all systems the ability to run multiple copies of the administrator's software under different accounts


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