System of conducting polls and quizzes on touch kiosks



The program complexes "Quiz" and "Questionnaire" are intended for use at various events, such as: exhibitions, promotions, promotions, etc., when you need to identify the degree of knowledge / understanding of the question (s) you are interested in, or get an idea of the opinion visitors on the question interesting you. In order to exclude the temporary staff costs for such quizzes and surveys, a software and hardware complex was developed, based on a touch-screen information kiosk with the appropriate software.

The result of the operation of such complexes will be:

  • A clear rating of understanding the area you need to visitors or a formed opinion on the question you asked. All data and statistics are stored on the terminal and are available for further analysis.
  • At the time of the complex does not require the involvement of personnel, everything is accessible and understandable to the visitors themselves, which means that the time that has been freed up can be spent more fruitfully on more important tasks.

Conclusions: Automation of such processes significantly relieves staff, creates additional interest for visitors, and thus improves the effectiveness of ongoing activities.


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